What is Textile Stenter Chain Grease

Stenter chain grease is an essential lubricant for textile industries. This lubrication is done by high viscous grease in the stenter machine.

What is stenter machine:

This machine is used in the finishing process in the textile industry. This machine generally runs at wide temperature with a variety of loads. This stenter machine requires elongation, corrosion & low carbon formation and so the stenter demands high viscosity lubrication of long drain intervals. Also for smooth chain operation textile stenter chain grease is very important. Sometimes it is also known as stenter chain oil. Due to the lack of proper stenter chain lubrication other textile lubrication such as heat transfer fluid application may not work properly. As it is the final stage of the thermal boiler function in the textile.

textile stenter chain grease

Lubrication system of textile stenter chain grease:

As it operates in high loads & wide temperature ranges, so this lubrication system is something critical. The Chain grease has to be applied to the center chain rails in every sliding part. You visualize it from the below video. And another important thing is that you have to monitor the chain rail regular basis, if there is any hardness you have to lubricate this. Except this, this lubrication is not needed frequently like other engine lubrication or like textile spindle oil lubrication.

Final Word:

Though this lubrication is an unavoidable part of the textile process but an important thing you should know if you are a textile guy, that is the cost of textile chain grease is too much costly. So it is also necessary to lubricate with the proper amount, if you use more than the requirement you may fall into a commercial loss.

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