Synthetic Gear Oil Vs. Mineral Gear Oil | Best Comparison

There are two types of oil used in the lubrication industry such as synthetic oil, and another one is mineral oil. These two oils have plenty of differences which helps the person to hassle-free compare each other and finally consider the right one for the vehicle.

There have some common differences between synthetic gear oil vs. mineral gear oil. However, synthetic gear oil is used gearbox of the vehicle, which provides excellent load capability and takes extreme pressure. On the other hand, mineral gear oil is used for reducing friction and preventing wear and tear of the gearbox. There are plenty of differences you will discover between these two gear oils.

This article helps you to get a detailed discussion about these two gear oils to consider the best one for your vehicle gearbox. So, stay connected.

Synthetic Gear Oil Vs. Mineral

What Is Synthetic Gear Oil?

Synthetic gear lubricant has a lower friction which is the coefficient for the vehicle gearbox. The lubricant is ready to provide better film strength which is truly essential for the vehicle.

Similarly, synthetic gear oil makes a better relation between viscosity and temperature. The gearbox also takes extreme load when you use synthetic gear oil.

Pros of Synthetic Gear oil

  • Suitable for very lower and higher temperature
  • Improve thermal and oxidation resistance
  • Improve lubricity
  • Synthetic gear oil is ready to improve the viscosity
  • Reduce friction, tear, and wear

Cons of Synthetic Gear Oil

  • It is expensive to buy
  • Reactions in the presence of water

If you decide that you need to use synthetic gear oil for your vehicle, which grade oil you should consider?

75W-90 is the best solution for the gearbox. This oil is composed of a gearbox, and you will get all of the benefits that you want from synthetic oil.

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75W90 Synthetic Gear Oil

75W90 is a full-gear lubricant that is formulated from synthetic base oils. This gear oil works two ways: protect the gearbox and ensure the performance of your vehicle’s gearbox.

The oil is ready to protect the gearbox of the vehicle from tear, wear, friction, corrosion, and other harmful things. The oil especially protects the gearbox’s bearings. You will easily use the oil at both lower and higher temperatures.

Though 75W90 synthetic gear oil provides premium performance, it is costly. The price is depended from shop to shop and country to country. You can contact your nearby shop to purchase this grade of gear oil.

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What Is Mineral Gear Oil?

Mineral gear oil is a naturally made gear oil on the market. This oil helps the gearbox keep lubricated and reduces friction between them. Similarly, the oil is also ready to prevent wear and tear from the gearbox.

Besides synthetic gear oil, mineral gear oil is also popular for vehicle gearboxes. Because it also works much better at higher and lower temperatures without creating any problems.

Pros of Mineral Gear Oil

  • Provides all-rounder performance
  • Poor oxidation resistance
  • Reduce friction, tear, and wear deeply
  • Capable of increasing the lifespan of the gearbox
  • It is less costly than synthetic gear oil

Cons of Mineral Gear Oil

  • Mineral gear oils lack thermal stability
  • Started to decrease the viscosity after long driving

80W90 is a high-quality mineral gear oil that you can consider for your vehicle gearbox. Though plenty of mineral oils are accepted in a vehicle, 80W90 is one of the best selections because of getting maximum protection and others.

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A Comparison Between Synthetic Gear Oil Vs. Mineral Gear Oil

Synthetic Gear OilMineral Gear Oil
It is a little bit expensive to buyMineral gear oil is less expensive than synthetic gear oil
An example of synthetic gear oil is 75W-90An example of mineral gear oil is 80W90
Synthetic oil is man-madeMineral oil is natural
Synthetic oil is ready to provide better protection than mineral gear oilSimilarly, mineral gear oil is also ready to increase the lifespan of the gearbox, but not unlike synthetic gear oil

Difference Between Mineral Oil and Synthetic Oil

Mineral and synthetic oils have some visible differences, which helps people make them different. First of all, mineral oil is natural, while synthetic oil is man-made.

Secondly, mineral oil is ready to protect the engine or gearbox strongly. On the other hand, synthetic oil is ready to provide better protection than mineral oil from friction, tear, and wear.

Overall, synthetic oil is a lubricant consisting of chemical ingredients that are artificially modified. Similarly, mineral oil is an odorless, light mixture of higher alkanes that comes from a mineral source.

The mineral and synthetic oil price depends from shop to shop and country to country. However, synthetic oil always demands a higher price than mineral oil which you need to keep in mind when you want to purchase the oil.

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Industrial Gear Oil 320

Industrial Gear Power 320 is a high power and heavy loaded taking gear oils. This type of oil is composed for taking heavy pressure and smoothly working without creating any problems.

Industrial Gear Oil 320 provides outstanding performance to the gear and the bearing of your vehicle. Overall, you will discover better performance than other gear oils.

synthetic gear oil vs. mineral gear oil

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Is synthetic gear oil better than regular gear oil?

Answer: Synthetic gear oil has lower friction in a gearbox and provides better film strength than regular gear oil. On the other hand, regular gear oil cannot work at higher and lower temperatures, and the viscosity also creates several problems. So, synthetic oil provides better performance than regular oil.

Q: Which gear oil is best for a gearbox?

Answer: You can go for synthetic gear oil for your vehicle gearbox. Because synthetic gear oil provides all-rounder performance, you will also use conventional or mineral oil for your gearbox to increase its lifespan and provide it better protection.

Q: How long does synthetic gear oil last?

Answer: The synthetic gear oil lasts up to 6 months. Or, you need to change the oil every 30,000 to 50,000 miles when you are using synthetic gear oil.

Wrapping Up!

The discussion of synthetic gear oil vs. mineral gear oil helps you get a clear concept between these two oils and make the best choice. However, synthetic oil is far better than mineral gear oil. Synthetic oil provides premium quality performance and protects the gearbox from tear, wear, and others. On the other hand, mineral oil also provides quality performance but is different from synthetic oil. Overall, synthetic gear oil is more expensive to buy than mineral oil.


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