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Dodge is an American automotive brand. They produce different types of cars, and of course, they use quality gearboxes. There are different types of oils you can use for your Dodge gearbox. But which oils are suitable and provide the best performance for your Dodge gearbox oil?

You can go for automatic transmission fluid (ATF) for the Dodge gearbox. 75W-80 oil is suitable for the Dodge gearbox. Moreover, you can also use Chrysler ATF+4 Automatic Transmission Fluid. These two oils are now top leading on the market for Dodge cars.

Undoubtedly, the oils are far better for the gearbox. Of course, you can consider this oil to make the gearbox long life and get better performance.

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Dodge Gearbox Oil

Though you will discover different types of oils for your Dodge gearbox, 75W-80, this synthetic oil works far better on the gearbox. This synthetic oil is designed for automatic transmission fluid gearboxes.

Its ingredients provide excellent lubricant under high load and high heat. The gearbox is safe from extreme heat and high load, which is truly essential for making the gearbox longer life to use.

On the contrary, the Dodge car is also known as a speed car. So, you have to use premium-grade gearbox oil to make the car faster and provide high-quality performance.

Chrysler ATF+4 is another high-quality fluid for the gearbox. This fluid is also ready to work under extreme heat and high load and provides a longer life experience.

Dodge Gearbox Oil

Dodge Gearbox Oil Recommendations

Mobil SHC 600 Series is recommended for a Dodge gearbox. This oil is also suggested for high ambient temperatures. For a Dodge car, you have to focus on high ambient temperatures oil because the car produces extreme heat.

Dodge cars are speedy cars, so they need proper gearbox oil so that the oil easily tolerates the heat. Different models of Dodge cars recommend different gearbox oils.

For example, if you have DODGE NITRO Gearbox oil, you can consider FANFARO MAX 6 Plus, Valvoline ATF Pro +4 866736, and SHELL Spirax S5. This gearbox oil for Dodge worked far better, and most automotive experts suggested these oils.

Dodge Gearbox Oil Level

A gearbox contains many parts. Some of them are submerged in oil, and some of them are splashed. Gearbox level is an important factor that you always need to keep on focus.

However, the gearbox oil level should not drop dramatically between the routine oil changes of nearly 30000 miles. But, if you think that you need to add a lot, you should carefully check out the leaks.

Before checking out the gearbox oil level, you have to standard the car on level of the ground. You need to check out the Dodge gearbox oil properly.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: How do you check the oil level on an industrial gearbox?

Answer: To check the oil level on an industrial gearbox, you need to open the vehicle bonnet and find the gear oil dipstick. You will find it near the back of the engine compartment. After that, you need to pull out the dipstick and wipe it with a clean piece of cloth. After cleaning, you need to reinsert the dipstick. Finally, take the dipstick back and check out the oil level on your industrial gearbox.

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Q: What kind of oil does a Dodge Quantis gearbox take?

Answer: Dodge Quantis gearbox generally takes ISO 220 EP type mineral oil. It is the correct oil level for the specific industrial gearbox. Most of the Dodge Quantis gearboxes take this oil because of gives some extra benefits than other oils.

Wrapping Up!

The gearbox is an essential part of the vehicle. Dodge cars also come with quality gearbox, and of course, it demands quality oil. Dodge cars are especially well-known for high speed. That’s why the gearbox also needs to work high-temperature and overload.

So, what Dodge gearbox oil is suitable for your Dodge car? 75W-80 oil and Chrysler ATF+4 Automatic Transmission Fluid are the best solutions for Dodge gearbox. However, you can also check out the user manual of your Dodge car to get a clear concept of the gearbox oil. You can also contact your dealer to get the best recommendations.


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