How to Choose Best Transmission Fluid for Chevy: Top Tricks and Tips


In today’s market, you will find several transmission fluids. For this reason, choosing the best transmission fluid for your Chevy can be challenging. However, we have given some easy ways to select the best transmission fluid for your Chevy.

Like every mechanical system, a transmission needs consistent, quality lubrication according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Specifically, transmission oil or fluid is essential in automatic transmissions. Generally, it lubricates your Chevy moving parts and gives the hydraulic pressure required to create soft gear changes. However the problem is that not all transmission fluids are the same.

That’s why you can choose automatic transmission fluid for Chevy from many liquids. To know the correct information, just read on!

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Choosing the Right Transmission Fluid

Before the day, picking fluids was straightforward because automobiles depended on two types of liquid.

The two types of fluid were GM’s DEXRON and Type F. Today, the OE manufacturers make their oil because of the need for advanced fuel mileage. For that reason, now you can get several transmission fluids.

Some important reason why you need the best transmission fluids includes:       

  • Backward Compatibility

It claims that the unique ATFs are backward compatible, but the letter isn’t always the case. For example, the GM 4L60E automatic transmission fluid has a 2000 Camaro or Corvette, and DEXRON-VI is consistent on this automatic transmission.

This is often recommended here and claimed that it’s one of the best fluids. The reason is that this fluid contains less viscosity, and at high temperatures, it has a more stable density.

On paper, DEXRON-VI is backward compatible with old transmissions like the TH400 and TH350. But you don’t think this DEXRON-VI is also best for other new communications.

  • Requirements

From many manufacturers, there are extensive car lubricant arrays; every manufacturer has designed a particular fluid to fulfill a small set of requirements. Several gears and different transmission types have enhanced the types of liquid on the market.

How To Choose the Right Transmission Fluid for Chevy

No matter your car, it’s crucial to select the best and proper transmission fluid for your vehicle. If you want to know about Chevy, then it’s essential to use DEXRON- VI transmission fluid. It’s because General Motors recommends it.

After all, it can fulfill your Chevy internal transmissions to run smoothly for a long time. Nevertheless, to select the proper transmission fluid for your Chevy, think about the following:

Type F Transmission Fluid:

After 2000 designed transmissions, using modern ATF is best.

The reason is that automatics were created in the twenty-first century to smoothen clutch engagement designed to use these fluids. And, before 2000 scheduled transmissions, using a more traditional fluid was best.

Ford Type F fluid is a suitable fluid that is best for older communication. You can get Ford F Type fluid formulated with a decreased traction modifier package in the market. Additionally, this design was aimed to make quick clutch engagement and reduce slippage.

Transmission Fluid Additives

Eventually, to help drag racing, many companies created several versions of Type F Fluid. Additionally, on these versions, there are 20 and 30-weight versions, and both are pure synthetic fluids.

Heavy vehicles have extra torque that depends on the 30W, while other cars will utilize lighter liquid. On the other hand, the lighter fluid can be used to add significantly higher stall speed. Since you can use these synthetic liquids because of different additive packages, don’t mix these fluids.

Multi-Vehicle ATF:

Most companies have opened multi-compatible liquids to ensure choosing the best fluid for your vehicles. You can get a combination of Mercon and DEXRON fluids from them.

Nonetheless, every factory fluid specification varies even though it’s close enough for a single ATF to acquire both. Particularly, don’t choose the liquids that claim to be suitable for all cars.

The fact is that universal fluid isn’t ideal for the transmission of Chevy. In line with that, don’t use ATFs amid for variable transmissions on older Motors.

Moreover, don’t use ultra-low-viscosity and low-viscosity transmissions fluid which is also recommended. Generally, these fluids contain specific friction modifiers that can only fulfill particular mileage goals. Specifically, for performance applications, these targets are counter-productive.

Synthetic Transmission Fluid

Synthetic transmission liquid refers to base oil quality essential for temperature stability. Accordingly, it would be helpful for a pure synthetic base stock that is best to use for your Chevy transmission.

In general, synthetic ATF provides extraordinary thermal stability that is helpful for transmission with high-stall converters that can make colossal heat. Generally speaking, this heat can negatively impact the additive and decrease performance.

On the contrary, extra synthetic ATF cannot lose its qualities after a long time and can tolerate high temperatures to protect the automatics from damage.

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The Best Transmission Fluid for Chevy:

Here is some transmission fluid that is best for your Chevy. So, if you want, you can use any of them for your Chevy. But, your Chevy DEXRON-VI and DEXRON can be the best transmission fluid for your Chevy.

  • DEXRON-VI Transmission Fluid:

DEXRON VI is a full synthetic transmission fluid, and it’s come to be designed to fulfill the requirements of the General Motors Dexron VI specifications. Don’t worry about its license because GM officially approves it. Indeed, to protect the transmission from breakdown, it comes with advanced additives and synthetic base stocks.

Besides this, this fluid also can prevent leaks, decrease wear and tear, prevent sludge, and maximize the transmission’s performance. All of these features are better than traditional fluids. Usually, it has improved thermal stability that can last longer this fluid life. Even so, it comes with advanced viscosity stability for consistent transmission operation.

Also, soft gear engagements it has particular fractional features. So, you can use this DEXRON- VI transmission fluid for your Chevy without confusion. Most importantly, this fluid operates to transmission shifts and adapts to driving, presenting ever-changing traffic.

When manufacturers uniquely made this transmission fluid, they considered all of these features. Furthermore, it has acceded to the Ford and General Motors specifications that need Dexron-VI transmission fluid. Meanwhile, you also can use this transmission fluid for Chevy Impala.

  • DEXRON Transmission Fluid:

DEXRON is the automatic transmission fluid generated by General Motors. Typically, it’s the group of technical properties of automatic transmission fluid. Therefore, before DEXRON became the registered trademark of GM after becoming a brand, it started making the fluid. Not all DEXRON liquids had been licensed to resell under the other name of the brand.

Hence, all DEXRON-licensed fluids come with a license number that starts with a B through J letters. This fluid is released without GM approval if any content does not contain the license number.

Like most vehicle manufacturers, GM utilizes transmission sourced from other transmission creators worldwide. Ultimately, these transmissions do not come from GM; most automatic transmissions use the latest fluids.

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Initially, the name DEXRON was connected exclusively with transmission fluid. After that, GM launched DEXRON gear oils and many lubricants under this brand. Now DEXRON is one of the most famous names in the world, and for your Chevy, it’s one of the best transmission fluids.

  • 995 Chevy Silverado Transmission Fluid Type:

995 Chevrolet Silverado can be the best car you have ever owned, or you may struggle to get the highway approved. No matter if there are many transmission fluid products that you desperately require.

Currently, from many transmission fluids, we choose some best transmission fluids for your 995 Chevrolet. Their prices range maybe $9.39 up to $37.99. More importantly, if you are searching for low prices transmission fluid, you can choose from 5 different trusted brands. An example,

  2. Vavoline – DEX Automatic transmission fluid,
  3. Castrol – Transmax ATF DEXRON – VI automatic transmission fluid,
  4. Idemitsu – Type HP Automatic Transmission Fluid
  5. FRAM Transmission Fluid – Full Synthetic Dexron VI Automatic Transmission Fluid

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q. What type of transmission fluid does Chevy use?

You can use DEXRON-VI ATF transmission fluid in all Chevy transmissions.

Q. Does it matter which transmission fluid I use?

Yes, it’s because all types of transmission fluid contain different additives. That’s why you cannot use any transmission fluid if you want. Above all, for outstanding performance, depending on your car manufacturer, you need to use the correct transmission fluid in your transmission

Q. What Kind of transmission fluid goes in a 2008 Chevy Silverado?

Dexron-VI ATF automatic transmission fluid is best for the 2008 Chevy Silverado.

Q. Can I use Dexron 3 Instead of ATF 4?

No, because both contain different additives. This is why you cannot use DEXRON 3 instead of ATF 4.

The Bottom Line

To conclude, we have discussed simple tips for choosing the best transmission fluid for Chevy. Following our complete guide can ensure you select the proper fluid for your Chevy.

To sum up, if you can use proper fluid for your car, your transmission will perform at its best. In fact, the proper lubricant will stand to the test over time. In particular, an older transmission launched before 2000 can use the fluids only made for them.

At least, we want to say that the proper transmission fluid provides you with the best performance for a long time. At the same time, using the correct transmission fluid also can save you money.

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