Is Dex/Merc the Same as Dexron iii? [A Practical Answer for You]

Dexron iii is an Automatic Transmission Fluid widely used in many applications. On the other hand, Dex/Merc is also an Automatic Transmission Fluid that is uniquely designed for automatic transmission vehicles.

These two oils are popular among vehicle owners. But, is Dex/Merc the same as Dexron iii? Or, where can you use them properly? In this article, I will share with you the ins and outs of this matter so that you will get a clear concept.

Is Dex/Merc the Same as Dexron iii

Is Dex/Merc the Same As Dexron iii?

There is no difference between Dex/Merc and Dexron iii. Because both of them are ATF fluid and suitable for power steering and vehicle engines. Moreover, GM removes the license of Dexron iii, and now this fluid is available on Dex/Merc. These two fluids do not have any difference; of course, they are the same.

Dex/Merc and Dexron iii are both ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid). Throughout the mid-1990s to early 2000s, it provided General Motor based transmission fluid. But, today, Dexron iii is available as Dexron III / Mercon (Dex/Merc)

Actually, there is no difference between Dex/Merc and Dexron iii. Because General Motors (GM) no longer licenses Dexron 3. On the other hand, Dex/Merc was developed by aftermarket ATF to meet Dexron 3 standards.

Dex/Merc iii

Dex/Merc iii is an Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF). The formulations and ingredients of this fluid are formatted in a way that meets the challenge demands of so many automatic transmissions.

This oil is blended with mineral-based oil for passengers’ cars. Note the fluid is suitable for higher temperatures. That means you can easily drive without facing any troubles when the engine temperature becomes so high.

On the other hand, this premium quality oil is suitable for lubricant or hydraulic oil also. Moreover, you can also apply the fluid on the transfer case, power steering system, and manual transmission.

Dex/Merc iii is ready to provide smooth and consistent shift performance. Its excellent wear protection and shudder resistance gives the vehicle’s engine the best performance.

Valvoline Dex/Merc Viscosity

Undoubtedly, Valvoline Dex/Merc is a premium quality Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF). Its ingredients and viscosity are truly far better than some other ATF fluids.

However, this fluid is used with consistent, stable viscosity. It is ready to increase viscosity-temperature properties to improve the engine’s performance. Even at a very lower temperature, the viscosity of this fluid creates stable viscosity over a long period.

Valvoline Dex/Merc’s viscosity is suitable for high and lower temperatures. The high viscosity of this fluid provides increased protection of the lubricant so that the engine gets enough viscosity index and stays long-last.

Dex/Merc Power Steering Fluid

Dex/Merc is also suitable for power steering. The ingredients and formulations of this fluid are compatible with power steering. The viscosity of this fluid is enough for working on steering power.

However, it is formulated with a high-quality transmission which means VPS Power Steering. Connecting with the VPS of the transmission fluid is truly important to use the fluid on the power steering.

On the other hand, the additives and other elements protect the power steering system from rust, stain, friction, and so many things. You can use this fluid on your power steering without any trouble.

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FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Is Valvoline Dex/merc synthetic?

Answer: Valvoline Dex/Merc ATF fluid is full of synthetic automatic transmission fluid. It meets with General Motors (GM) and is also officially licensed and approved by GM. However, the fluid is also suitable for a power steering system.

Q: Is Dex Merc and Dexron the same?

Answer: Generally, they are not similar. Dex/Merc and Dexron are not the same fluid in the automobile industry. Dexron fluids are used GM. On the other hand, GM chancel the license of Dex/Merc. From this perspective, they do not have any difference. And today, Dex/Merc is available for Dexron fluid.

Q: What is Dex Merc compatible with?

Answer: Dex/Merc is compatible with a power steering system and many transmission fluid applications. Moreover, this fluid is created for high temperatures. When you continuously drive and your vehicle engine becomes hotter, this fluid provides you with a safe driving experience.

Q: What is Dex Merc used for?

Answer: Dex/Merc is an automatic transmission fluid used for modern running higher temperature engines. On the other hand, this fluid is also suitable for power steering. Its blended synthetic-based fluid provides one of the best performances.

Q: What weight is Dex Merc?

Answer: The weight of Dex/Merc is 1.9 pounds. To know more about the weight of Dex/Merc, you can check out the user manual of this fluid.


Is dex/merc the same as dexron iii? Both of the fluids are ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid). The viscosity and additives, as well as other formulations also compatible. So, it is hard enough to find out the actual difference between these two fluids.

However, the general Motor (GM) is no longer licensed by Dexron 3. This transmission-based fluid is used in many applications. And today, it’s readily available Dexron III / Mercon (Dex/Merc) fluid. You can read the user manual for more information and a clear concept.



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