Dexron 3 Vs Dexron 6 | A Comparison Chart & In-Depth Discussion

Dexron 3 Vs Dexron 6 are synthetic fluids. Though Dexron 6 is a fully synthetic oil, Dexron 3 is a blended synthetic oil. These oils are used in multiple vehicles, such as cars, trucks, bikes, and so on. Though they have many similarities, you will also get many core dissimilarities.

So, which fluid is suitable for your vehicle? It is truly essential for a person to find out the best fluid system for their vehicle to provide the power steering and brake system with long-lasting performance. This article provides a complete solution and comparison to choose the best vehicle for your vehicle.

Dexron 3 Vs Dexron 6

Dexron 3 Vs Dexron 6

Before selecting any of these fluids, you have to have a clear concept of these oils. These two oil goals are undoubtedly similar, but the following information provides you with a clear concept and perfect comparison.

Dexron 3

Dexron 3 is an authentic premium fluid that uses a special formula, which was invented in 1993 for GM vehicles. It is also an ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) ready to provide the vehicle’s best performance. The fluid helps run in low operating temperatures and works with electronics due to its thicker properties.

To use Dexron 3, your vehicle will get superior protection from wear, heat failure, and deposits. On the other hand, this fluid is ready for enhanced viscosity control so that the drivers improve performance and durability.

In addition, the cold start properties are another specification of this fluid. You can improve the shift performance of your vehicle by using this fluid in very cold weather. Overall, the fluid provides your car with maximum protection and premium driving performance.

Dexron 6

Dexron 6 ATF is a high-performer fully synthetic formulated oil. This fluid is specially designed for the latest Ford & GM vehicles so that they can perform well. Users can use this oil for lightweight trucks, cars, and other small and medium size vehicles.

There are plenty of advantages your vehicle will get when you use this fluid. For example, it is ready to increase your vehicle’s fluid life and give more friction durability.

On the contrary, the fluid is ready to improve the oxidation and thermal stability of your vehicle. The gear shifting optimizing performance during high temperatures is truly far better as this is a very thin type of fully synthetic oil. Note Dexron 6 is also ready to prevent transmission vibration.

Like Dexron 3, this one has also protected your vehicle from wear and other harmful elements. Overall, you will get some extra benefits from Dexron 3 fluid.

Dexron 3 Vs Dexron 6 Comparison Chart

Now, you have detailed information about these two fluids. The information is enough to get a clear concept. However, I am going to share with you a perfect comparison chart so that you can clear your confusion deeply.

Dexron 3Dexron 6
It is a synthetic base transmission oilIt is a fully synthetic transmission oil
Dexron 3 is specially designed for old GM vehicles.This fluid is designed for multiple vehicles.
It is not a good option for improving fluid life. Capable of improving fluid life
It comes at a low price.The fluid is a little bit more expensive than Dexron 3

Though these two fluids have many differences, you will also get many similarities. For example, both of the fluids are ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid). Moreover, these fluids also protect the vehicles from wear, vibration, and so on.

Can You Mix Dexron 3 with Dexron 6?

It is completely fine to mix Dexron 3 with Dexron 6. Though you can mix them, you need to know the right process to mix them properly. To mix them, you just need to filter and replace the drained fluid.

Moreover, you have to clean the magnet and put the fluid back so that you will get pure oil. It is essential to do because of avoiding noise, vibration, and some other problems.

Furthermore, if you have both Dexron 3 and Dexron 6, you should read the user manual to know the proper mixing process. Try to filter properly after mixing these two fluids.

Dexron III Vs Dexron VI Power Steering

Both of these fluids, Dexron III and Dexron Vi, are power steering and ATF fluids. These fluids are made for general motors. Even you can mix them properly for using power steering.

On the other hand, the fluids are synthetic oils, and you may know that synthetic oils are good enough for power steering. Undoubtedly, your vehicle’s power steering provides you with better performance when you use these two power steering.

can i use dexron 3 instead of dexron 6

Dexron Vs Dexron 3

Do you have Dexron and Dexron 3, or are you thinking of buying any of these fluids for your vehicle? Then which one is better for you? I know you have plenty of questions in your mind.

However, let’s make a perfect comparison of these fluids so that you can hassle-free compare each other.

Updated Version

Dexron means Dexron I, which was the first invention of the Dexron manufacturer. On the other hand, Dexron 3 is the updated version of Dexron II. From Dexron 3, you will get updated features and performances.


Of course, you will get better performance from Dexron III. Dexron III is used to advance technology and comes with special features. On the other hand, the Dexron fluid is suitable for old model vehicles, and you will get fewer advantages and performance from Dexron fluid.

Dexron 3 Vs Dexron 4

These two fluids are synthetic and ATF fluids in the oil industry. Though their goals are the same, you will still find some proper differences. I suggest you check out the following points to make a proper difference between these two fluids.


First of all, both of the fluids are ready to provide high performance. Dexron 3 is ready to provide high performance in cold weather and helps the car to run smoothly. On the other hand, Dexron 4 is another ATF and synthetic fluid, which is also known as an updated version of Dexron 3. It also provides quality performance for the vehicles.


Of course, Dexron 3 is less expensive than Dexron 4. They have little difference in the price range. Dexron 4 comes at a higher price than Dexron 3 because of comes with quality materials and elements.

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Can I Use Dexron 6 Instead of Dexron 3 Power Steering?

In general, you can use Dexron 6 instead of Dexron 3 for your vehicle power steering. You can use this ATF in your power steering pump. Power steering accepts hydraulic and synthetic oils, which you will get from these two fluids.

Moreover, Dexron 6 is an updated ATF fluid which used for multiple vehicles to run the car smoothly. Even you can use this fluid in cold weather. The power steering also works properly when you apply this fluid.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Can I use Dexron 3 instead of Dexron 6?

Answer: The official answer is yes. You can use Dexron 3 instead of Dexron 6. You can use Dexron 3 instead of Dexron 6 in your vehicle’s power steering, brake system, and some other areas because both of these oils are synthetic oil that you can comfortably use. But in the case of Dexron 6, you will be safer because it has more compatibility whereas Dexron 3 is mostly designed for old vehicles.

Q: What is Dexron 6 compatible with?

Answer: Generally, Dexron 6 is a new 6-speed transmission of GB. On the other hand, Dexron 6 is also compatible with Aisin vehicles. You will use this fluid for the brakes and other areas.

Q: Can Dexron 3 be used in all automatic transmissions?

Answer: Dexron ATF 3 is recommended for all of the general motors of the vehicle. It is an automatic transmission fluid as well as a synthetic fluid. So, you can use this fluid for all the transmission fluid areas without any problems.

Final Verdict!

Dexron 3 and Dexron 6 are two popular ATF fluids on the market. They are designed for general motors. Moreover, you will also apply these oils to the brake and other areas. But which one is better for you? I suggest you use Dexron 3 fluid for your vehicle for perfect performance.

Dexron 6 is also a good option for your vehicle, but it is a bit expensive. Dexron 3 increases fluid life more than Dexron 6, which is very important for a vehicle.

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