Top 5 Best 75W140 Synthetic Gear Oil In 2023

The best 75W-140 synthetic gear oil can help to protect your transmission from wear and to overheat. During operation, mechanical parts are exposed to intense mechanical abrasion. Remarkably, if you decrease this problem, high viscosity 75w-140 gear oil will help you.

75w-140 needs high-quality oil that can tolerate tremendous pressure and heat. In severe conditions, this oil is helpful for vehicle operation and high transmission loads.

So, while selecting a product, one wrong decision can cause severe complications. That’s why, for you, we have prepared a list of some suitable products to help you make the right decision.

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5 Best 75w140 Synthetic Gear Oil Reviewed 

Here we have discussed the five best 75w140 synthetic gear oil to find the best gear oil for you. So, let’s start.

Royal Purple Max 75W140 Gear Oil

The Royal Purple Max synthetic gear oil is our first excellent product mentioned in this list. Additionally, it’s one of the most ideal gear oils and is highly compatible with maximum cars. Besides, after using this oil your car provides you with amazing performance. It comes with premium-quality high-viscosity synthetic processed-based oils. 

Basically, all of these ingredients help to minimize engine wear and deposits. Most importantly, this gear oil can increase your gear life and helps to soften the performance. Since it’s synthetic oil it can deliver better performance than other products.

You can easily separate it from water and it also comes with the best warranty. Overall, it will give you all the benefits you need for your gear and offer many improvements in fuel economy. 

Benefits Of Royal Purple Max 75W140 Gear Oil:

  • Easy to use
  • Delivers high-quality performance
  • Decreases friction during operation
  • Reduce wear and tear, foaming and oxidation, and rust corrosion at high temperatures.

AMSOIL Gear SAE 75W140

AMSOIL SAE 75W140 gear oil provides exceptional proficiency compared to other essential oils. Primarily, this oil comes for vehicles at heavy loads when racing, climbing, towing, or riding off-road. 

Moreover, this oil can significantly enhance the gear life and ensure a trouble-free operation at low temperatures. 

Likewise, AMSOIL gear oil offers 20% excellent performance at low temperatures. On the contrary, at high temperatures, it can maintain accurate density and prevent the problem of overheating the shifting system. 

Most importantly, this is fully synthetic oil and minimizes oxidation processes and corrosion. SAE 75W-140 gives reliable protection from premature wear. Even so, it can ensure you a smooth and fresh gear shifting. So, without any confusion, you can use this oil for your gear because it can work efficiently at heavy loads. 

Benefits of AMSOIL Gear Oils: 

  • It can tolerate extreme heat
  • Provides better rust protection
  • Delivers outstanding wet-clutch performance
  • For gear and chains, it gives extreme-pressure protection.

Valvoline Full Synthetic Gear Oil

Valvoline full synthetic gear oil is generated entirely from synthetic oils to ensure continual and safe gear operation. Furthermore, it’s mainly relevant for cars suitable for high operating loads. 

Correspondingly, this lubricant offers excellent security for hypoid gears that use particular mechanisms to tolerate extreme loads. You can use this oil in high temperatures, though this oil comes for low temperatures. Yet, for gear teeth, this oil gives reliable protection. 

Notably, this oil prevents corrosion and oxidation. Apart from this, Valvoline gear oil also can decrease wear, which enhances its service life. 

Benefits Of Valvoline Gear Oil: 

  • Prevents gear corrosion and oxidation 
  • Lower wear and tear of gear machinery. 
  • Offers extra thermal stability
  • Comes with certain additives for extended safety
  • Provides low-temperature fluid protection

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Lucas 75W140 Synthetic Gear Oil

The Lucas 75W-140 Synthetic Gear oil is another great product on our list. It comes with great features that’s why it’s highly compatible with modern engines. 

Usually, it can work for extended periods and especially comes for heavy-duty cars and vehicles. This feature makes it a better option than other regular gear oils. More importantly, it can decrease your overall disturbing gear noise and develop the bearing life. 

In reality, it can perform very well under high temperatures. Furthermore, this oil can prevent damage to your engine and enhance overall performance. Due to its reasonable price, most people chose this gear oil for this vehicle.

  Benefits Lucas 75W140 Synthetic Gear Oil

  • Improves the bearing life and reduces the gear noise 
  • Offers smooth performance 
  • Perform very well in high temperatures
  • Best product for heavy-duty vehicle 

Mobil 1 75W-140 Synthetic Gear Oil

The Mobil 1 gear oil is the last product on our list. This is a top-quality gear oil manufactured by Mobil 1, to particularly fulfill the requirements of most modern-day vehicles. Subsequently, this oil can help to reduce the existing issues of the gear. 

In particular, Mobil 1 offers excellent performance at high temperatures and prevents your gear from any damage. Mobil 1 can tolerate extra pressure under high heat which aids in developing the overall stability of the car. Correspondingly, it can develop your vehicle oil flow which mouths the gear, thus giving you a great riding experience. 

It improves the overall oil flow of the vehicle which smooths the gear, thus giving you a better driving experience. Therefore, it can resist the corrosion issue which is the main reason for your car damage.

Benefits Of Mobil 1 75W-140 Synthetic Gear Oil

  • Gives a better performance under high temperatures 
  • Comes with a limited-slip additive 
  • Easy to operate 
  • Improves the overall cleanliness of the engine

Nonetheless, from your nearest Walmart, you can pick the best Mobil 1 75W-140 synthetic gear oil.

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75W 140 Gear Oil Vs. 75W 90 Comparisons: Which Oil Is Best?

Most people don’t know the differences between 75W-140 and 75W-90 oil. While most car owners know it, it doesn’t mean learning the differences is terrible. With enough knowledge, you can take care of your vehicle more perfectly.

Key Differences: 75W140 Vs 75W90

There is much confusion about what this oil does and what they are. Here are some key differences: 

  •  Fuel Consumption

75W90 oil is best if you consider fuel consumption. Particu 75w90 contains a thinner viscosity grade that works best in high temperatures. Notably, regular drivers won’t notice any significant difference while switching one gear oil from another. That’s why you can consider it a critical point.

  • Load Capacity

75W90 gear oil is not suitable for automobiles that carry heavy loads. To clarify, if you need to drive for hours and need to press the brake and accelerator frequently, use 75W140. This 75W140 gear oil helps your gearbox will less wear and tear. Furthermore, it will help you to expand your vehicle’s longevity.

  •  Viscosity Grade

As you know, the higher the value after’ W,’ the gear oil will be thicker at high temperatures. Ergo, if you drive your car in hot weather, using the 75W140 viscosity oil is best.

  • Compatibility of Automobiles

75W140 gear oil is compatible with high-power vehicles. For that reason, for your unique Mustang, 75W140 gear oil is the best in your gearbox.

BMW suggests their users utilize 75w140 gear oil. Besides this, you can use 75w90 interchangeably in your BMW. In particular, the downside of using 75w90 oil in BMW is that you need to lower the oil drain interval.

Usually, if you want the best results, you should use the recommended oil mentioned in the OEM. Accordingly, if you have a Subaru, use 75W90 gear oil. But, when you drive your car in hot weather, you can use 75W90 gear oil.


Q. Which gear is better, 75W90 or 75W140?

Generally speaking, don’t look for a white-and-black answer if you want to figure out which gear oil is best. Both of this oil has a weakness and strengths. As a result, you have to consider what your situation is.

For cold conditions, you need to use 75w90 gear oil. But if you live in a hot place, using 75w140 oil is best. In either case, if your car performs heavy-duty tasks, you need to consider 75w140 gear oil.

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Q. Who makes the best gear oil?

Valvoline, Royal Purple, or Lucas are the world’s leading company gear oil makes. But you have to find the best one depending on your requirements.

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Q. What is 75W140 gear oil used for?

Generally, 75W140 gear oil is mainly used for the rear axle or differential of the heavily loaded vehicle or passenger cars.

Final Word: 

In summary, if you are looking for the best 75W-140 synthetic gear oil, you will get helpful information here. It’s because here we are trying to explain this topic carefullyBriefly,75W-140 gear oil is suitable for heavy transmission and maintains high viscosity at low temperatures.

In general, it’s universal oil, and you can use this oil in any season. At high temperatures, 75W-140 gear oil is more effective than 75W-90, though it has its peculiarities.

When selecting 75W-140 oil, pay attention o your operation conditions, load capacity, and gear type. Always pick the gear oil from quality products made from top-quality synthetic compounds.

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