Comparison Between Quaker State Vs. Pennzoil

Are you tired of repairing your engine most of the time? Do you need help understanding the reason for this problem? Unfortunately, it can be the reason for using low-grade or non-synthetic oil. That’s why using a reputable oil brand in your engine is necessary. But from multiple options, choosing the best oil is challenging for most people.

But here we will discuss two popular motor oil brands Quaker State and Pennzoil. Actually, Quaker State and Pennzoil have been rivals since their debut.

Quaker State vs. Pennzoil: which one is best? To know, we will make a fair comparison so that you can choose the best one for you.

quaker state vs pennzoil

Quaker State Vs. Pennzoil Review

Pennzoil and Quaker are both technologically advanced motor oils. Also, Pennzoil is ideal for high-performance engines, such as sports cars, while Quaker shows compatibility with hybrid automobiles. However, let’s overview them first to know their history, which will help you to understand them.

Quaker State:

In 2002, USA-based Quaker State started its journey to use this oil in vehicles. It provides budget-friendly oil with several variants. Besides this, it’s a brand of various fluids that can be used in your transmission and engine. Furthermore, this oil is mainly synthetic; you can use any average-power engine.

This oil also can improve your engine with extra protection during out-of-town travel, lifting, driving, towing, etc. You can use this oil for your racing vehicles because it can enhance performance during a race. Without it, using Quaker State synthetic and transmission oil can give your cars 99% efficiency.


Pennzoil is another product from the brand Shell. With the latest standards, Pennzoil is formulated for today’s vehicles and maintenance. Auto enthusiasts use it frequently and consider it a high-quality item. Even after prolonged use, they love to prefer this product over others.

Moreover, Pennzoil oil suits high-performance engines like racing or sports cars. Likewise, this oil comes with a synthetic oil blend, which is high quality. Due to its high-quality features, it can protect your engine from both corrosion and friction. Your sports car, which has a powerful engine, must use pure synthetic Pennzoil oil to meet the engine’s demands adequately.

Comparison Between Quaker State Vs. Pennzoil:

These two engine oils come from the same brand of Shell. Though they come from the same brands, they have similar and different characteristics—Quaker State whole synthetic Vs. Pennzoil full synthetic both are for different engines. Even so, to enhance the performance and productivity of your engine, they serve different elements. Though they come from the same brand, let’s see how they differ.


Both motor viscosity is the same oil. However, Pennzoil’s 100% synthetic molecular formula helps ensure complete protection for optimal engine performance. It’s because synthetic blend oils mean it’s semi-refined oils. That means it’s not fully refined like full synthetic oils. That’s why they contain much higher levels of contaminants.

During high-speed performance, it helps to keep oil temperatures low. At rising temperatures, it works incredibly well. Quaker State Motor Oil, on the other hand, provides smooth oil film protection from start to finish while maintaining viscosity.


Both engine oils are suitable for using gasoline engines. But for your diesel engines, you can use Pennzoil. If you have two different engine type cars, you can use Pennzoil for both vehicles as the same engine oil. It’s because it will be trouble-free.

Alternatively, you can use the Quaker State as a regular user. The reason is that it has synthetic ingredients, which can make it a highly efficient engine oil.


Adequately, both engine oils contain a synthetic formula to increase your engine capacity. Due to using them, you can get increased engine performance. Most importantly, Quaker State engine oil has mixed materials, synthetic or conventional. In contrast, without any additives, Pennzoil engine oil comes from complete and pure synthetic oils. So, without any doubt, you can get better performance from this fully synthetic oil than a mixed oil.


Pennzoil supports API SN PLUS, the latest motor oil specification designed primarily for turbocharged engines, to protect engine performance. Similarly, due to automakers’ requests, this oil comes and protects against low-speed pre-ignition.

In contrast, Quaker State engine oil falls into the ILSAC GF-6 specification, the current ILSAC standard of the (API) American Petroleum Institute. ILSAC GF-6A launched this oil in May 2020 to help prevent low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI), wear protection, enhanced high temperature, and more.

Increased Fuel Efficiency

Accordingly, Pennzoil oil maintains and cleans the engine, critical to enhancing fuel efficiency. Fuel economy can be boosted if the engine is clean and sludge-free. Additionally, Quaker oil contains fuel-saving components to reduce friction and maximize fuel efficiency.

Reduce Sludge Formation

When exposed to oxygen, the oil interacts with engine debris and other contaminants to form sludge, a viscous liquid. This sludge blocks the pipes’ oil flow, reducing the engine’s performance. To prevent sludge formation, it is made with special dispersants and detergents. Generally, because of the higher detergent concentration in engine cleaning, Pennzoil is superior to its competitors.


Gasoline is blended with Quaker State Motor Oil Fuel Economy to make it more synthetic and environmentally friendly. Hence, it significantly decreases engine wear and boosts engine durability.

In fact, Pennzoil helps reduce power loss by reducing automobile engine wear. This increases the durability of the engine compared to its previous design. As a result, the machine has a long service life.

Protection Against Early Oil Burn

Pre-ignition is one of the core determining variables of fuel efficiency. The amount of light particles in an oil affects how well it burns. Having fewer of these particles in an oil can decrease the evaporation rate, allowing it to acquire its entry at higher temperatures. In this way, it can provide fantastic safety against premature burnout. And Quaker State contains lighter particles that have lower temperature evaporates more quickly.


Pennzoil fully synthetic has viscosities of SAE 0W16, 0W20, 5W20, 5W30, and 10W30. These viscosities may vary with temperature and may be thicker or thinner. Indeed, this viscosity thickness can prevent friction between engine moving parts and makes the machine efficient. In contrast, Quaker State has SAE 0w20, 5w30, 5w20, and 10w30 viscosities that can be used under all driving conditions. These viscosities can warm and survive any extreme winter season.

Oil Change Frequency

After 10,000 to 12,000 miles, you must change your Pennzoil Full Synthetic oil. Unfortunately, your engine will drop if you don’t change the oil on time. If you use Quaker State, you should change your oil to 12,000 to 15,000.


Pennzoil Full Synthetic Five Quarts oil is $22.93, and Quaker State’s oil is $19.97 for five quarts.

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Valvoline Vs. Pennzoil Vs. Quaker State:

Valvoline also is a synthetic oil and reduces wear the same as Pennzoil. Though they both can reduce wear, Pennzoil provides higher mileage than Valvoline. Even if you love to drive your car more, the cost may be lowered. Alternatively, in the Quaker State, Valvoline oil is the great oil. You can use this Valvoline in all climates and get more effective advantages than Quaker.

Nonetheless, Quaker State is best to clean the deposit, while Valvoline offers maximum performance. Still, Valvoline also provides the best performance on high-mileage motors, working as premium seal conditioners.

Due to their high mileage, additive, oil viscosity, and extended life, they work best to support large engine operations. You can choose the best motor oil fuel economy by researching the topic in depth. As we know, Pennzoil and Quaker State provide high performance during drives. You can prefer the Quaker state if you need extended oil change frequency. After reading a depth comparison, it’s best to choose motor oil, which has the best fuel economy.

Havoline vs. Pennzoil:

Havoline performs excellent motor cleaning due to its high detergent and dispersant content. In particular, by using this oil, you can be safe from quick and premature oil burn-off. Most importantly, its anti-wear additives can protect your engine from tear and wear. During high temperatures, it can hold high kinematic viscosity to ensure remarkable performance. A higher viscosity index can maintain the consistency of the oil.

Alternatively, Pennzoil has low ash formation, so it can deliver outstanding catalytic converter performance. Undoubtedly, it also has anti-wear additives that can protect your engine from wear and deposits. Many consider that this oil is good for cold weather. High base addition ensures that oil exchange frequency is reduced. Moreover, its low price impresses people looking for budget-friendly oil.

quaker state vs pennzoil

Havoline Vs. Quaker State:

Chevron, U.S., owns the brand of Havoline oil, while Quaker State Oil is owned by Royal Dutch/Shell of the U.K. and the Netherlands. In any case, both are good oils. Of these two brands, which one is better for your car to know it’s better to compare them. Havoline wasn’t manufactured with Group II+ base stock. So, it’s debatable whether both oils have the better add-on package.

On the other hand, Quaker State is the best overall choice, which holds longevity and toughness. Notably, it’s durable, lasts longer, and retains viscosity better than other motor oils. Due to using this oil, your engine will run effectively in all conditions.

Therefore, both are readily available and cheap, making it a reasonable “test .”While Havolone mightn’t have Group II+ base stock, its thin viscosity and high moly characteristics are popular. That’s why most people love to use Havoline rather than Quaker.

Quaker State Vs. Motorcraft Oil:

Motorcraft oil and Quaker State are both excellent oils. Usually, Motorcraft oil comes with a friction-decreasing techno. Similarly, it has incredible energy-conserving and wear-protecting characteristics. Results in a vast improvement in fuel economy compared to other motor oils. But the Quaker state is different from this Motorcraft oil. As their own place, they provide the best performance. Both are better if you use them as your engine requirements. Just you should Keep in mind to change them regularly.

Final Word

To conclude, discover the preferred motor oil for your vehicle’s engine from this Quaker State vs Pennzoil high mileage oil. This is the head-to-head comparison between them. Eventually, these oils have different characteristics, though they come from the same brand. So, you can use them depending on your engine requirements. Thus, before using any oils, you should check your owner’s manual to know your recommended oil. We hope this blog post will help you to choose the best one for your loving vehicle engine.


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