Is Moly 60 Paste Suitable for Vehicles? [The Alternatives of Moly 60 Paste]

Moly paste is an alternative to high-temperature grease. Moly paste is designed for different types of bearings, materials, etc. Undoubtedly, moly paste works far better than some other lubricants for bearings, valves, and so on.

Moly 60 paste is a kind of lubricant. This grease is ready to reduce high temperature and pressure from the bearing or valve. Furthermore, the paste always tries to avoid corrosion from the materials and keeps bearing rust-free. Overall, it is an alternative to grease.

moly 60 paste
Uses of moly 60 paste

What Is Moly 60 Paste?

The paste is a kind of grease, and 60 is a model of this paste. You will use this paste in multiple areas, such as motorcycle drive splines, starter drive gear, U-joints, pins, etc.

The lubricant is also ready to fight against old rust and stain. This lubricant gradually removes rust and makes the bearing faster to use. Though Moly 60 paste works on vehicle bearings, you can’t use it in your marine vehicles like boats.

In conclusion, you can use moly 60 grease equivalent for your older vehicles. It provides smooth and bearing corrosion-free performance.

Advantages of Moly 60 Paste

  • It works so fast and makes bearing or joint faster
  • You will get a variation of this paste so that you can easily choose for your projects
  • No doubt, the paste is suitable for using multiple things
  • Reduce high-temperature, over-load, high-pressure and corrosion
  • Less expensive and don’t need to use much paste on bearing or valves as well as other sections


  • The paste is not working on a marine bearings, valves, joints, and others

Alternatives Of Moly 60 Paste

This paste is a multi-purpose lubricant that you can use for multiple vehicles. For example, you can use it for Honda cars and bikes. Besides Honda, you will use other bike bearings, valves, chains, etc.

But what can you do when you don’t have moly paste 60? You should use Honda moly 60 paste alternatives. Here, you will discover the alternative of this paste to use in your Honda bike, car bearings, or valve.

First of all, you will use grease to get the best experience. Your bike or car bearing produces high temperatures and sometimes requires enough pressure. In this condition, you can use extreme-temperature grease to reduce the high temperature.

Moreover, lubricant is also worked as an alternative to moly paste. Lubricant is always powerful to reduce temperature and make the bearing faster.

Honda moly 60 paste alternatives

What is Honda Moly 60/m-77?

Moly 60/m-77 means 60% of molybdenum. 60% molybdenum is an important factor for car or bike bearings. More molybdenum means your lubricant is capable of reducing temperature and also capable of taking enough load.

On the other hand, Moly 60/m-77 is an assembly paste. It is a formula applied to different types of vehicles. This assembly paste is also ready to reduce corrosion of your vehicle bearing and valve as well as other materials.

honda moly 60 paste alternatives

Honda m77 Assembly Paste Alternative

If you are a Honda vehicle user, you should use the m77 assembly paste for better performance. But what happens when you don’t have this paste? Of course, you should consider alternatives.

Well, you can use lubricant, general purpose grease, or some special oils for an emergency. Grease comes in different types, and high-temperature grease works far better than others. So, use high-temperature grease as an alternative to m77 assembly paste in your Honda vehicles. That means it will also work as honda moly 60 paste alternative.

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FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: What does molybdenum do in Grease?

Answer: Molybdenum is known as moly. In the automotive industry, people also know it as a lubricant. Molybdenum is suitable for dry vehicles, and you can’t use the paste in marine vehicles because of not work.

Q: Is Moly grease anti-seize?

Answer: Moly grease is an ideal option for anti-seize applications. You can apply moly grease on multiple anti-seize applications without getting any errors.

Q: Is moly grease good for ball joints?

Answer: Moly grease is a lubricant that smoothly works on ball joints. It reduces ball and joint corrosion and makes them faster to drive the car or vehicles.

Q: Is Moly grease good for high speed bearings?

Answer: Moly grease is good for high speed bearings. When a bearing comes with a heavy load and extreme temperature, the moly grease instantly reduces the hot temperature and takes the load so that you can safely drive as fast as possible.


Moly 60 paste is an alternative to high-temperature grease and lubricants. This paste is useable in heavy-load joints and balls. Moreover, you can apply the paste to reduce the corrosion of the bearings and valves. It is only designed for dry protection, and you don’t use the paste in marine projects. Using moly paste, you can make your car or bike wheel faster.


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