High Temp Wheel Bearing Grease | 3 Different Types of Grease & Letters

The wheel bearing runs as fast as possible. A good quality wheel bearing provides more speed to drive the car faster. The high-temperature wheel bearing grease is necessary to keep the wheel bearing faster, rust-free, and more longevity.

The quality grease provides enough lubricant and doesn’t prevent corrosion of bearing materials. When you don’t put grease on your high-temperature wheel bearing, it may be lost its speed and become rusted. And finally, you will discover that your wheels make sound and don’t provide fast performance.

These guides help you to get all of the information about bearing grease which you actually need. Let’s move ahead.

High temp Wheel bearing grease

High Temp Wheel Bearing Grease

What is wheel bearing grease? The bearing grease is a type of lubricant which combined with different ingredients. The grease works like a piece of soap. Typically, greases are designed to avoid materials’ fire, make the bearing work fast, and so on.

But what is the function of the wheel bearing grease that makes it powerful? Grease has three core ingredients: oil, soap, and additives.

The grease may come with different elements based on different manufacturers. It would be best if you were not wonderful when finding different grease ingredients.

3 Different High-Temperature Wheel Bearing Grease

Undoubtedly, the amount of grease types a lot. Let’s look at 3 common greases in this article to get a clear view.

1. Moly Grease

Moly-greases are made of synthetic molybdenum and an anti-wear additive. Combining these elements, the manufacturer makes moly grease powerful. The temperature range of this grease is 0-degree F to 600 degrees F.

The grease is able to protect the bearing from high temperatures. On the contrary, grease is also used in multiple materials, such as metal, iron, and aluminium.

2. Multi-Purpose Grease

Multi-purpose grease is another high-temperature grease for the wheel bearing. To take enough pressure and high temperature, the manufacturer used calcium sulfonate. This element protects your car wheel bearing from fire and high-temperature metal.

The temperature range is -30 degrees C to 120 degrees C. You will easily use the grease in various bearings without getting any bugs.

3. Marine-Grease

Marine grease is designed for boats, boat-trailer, and water vehicles. When the bearing stays underwater for a long-time, it creates several problems like polythene, mud, and other elements.

However, marine grease is made of water resistance additives, which helps the bearings rust fast and avoid taking rusted equipment. So, you will use marine grease for your watery bearings.

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Tips to Choose Right High-Temperature Wheel Bearing Grease

Generally, greases are rated based on soft performance. Soft grease is easy to pump, and you can easily apply the grease to your car wheel bearing. But you should always consider some serious points when buying high-temperature wheel bearings.

  • Check out grease softness and try to choose softer grease
  • It would be better for you to choose high-rating wheel bearing grease to get better performance
  • Of course, you should choose C letters grease because A letter means best high temp wheel bearing grease
  • Look for GC grease because of the maintained quality of this grease.

What is the Letter Means of Grease?

You will discover three letters on the packet of grease. These three letters have different information about grease.

  • A letter means good grease on the bearing
  • B letter means better grease for your car wheel bearing
  • And the C letter means the best grease on the market

Moreover, you will discover the L letter on the grease level. Here, L means certified for automotive chassis. All of the letters work for high-temperature materials. But, C and L letter greases work much better for high-temperature bearings.

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FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: What is the best high-temperature wheel bearing grease?

Answer: According to my experience, multi-purpose grease, moly grease, and marine grease are workings far better than other greases. Here, marine grease is designed for water vehicle bearing. For example, you can use marine grease for a boat.

Q: Which grease is used in high temperature?

Answer: You should choose a grease that is suitable for high-temperature but also works for avoiding rust and provides rapid performance. Multi-purpose or moly greases suitable for high-temperature. The materials of these greases help to reduce high temperatures.

Q: Is White lithium grease good for high temperatures?

Answer: Lithium helps reduce high temperatures. It is also water-resistant so you can use lithium grease as a marine grease. The operating temperature range of lithium grease is 25 degrees C to 130 degrees C.

Q: Is lithium grease OK for wheel bearings?

Answer: Lithium grease is one of the best for wheel bearings. It is a C letter grease which you found on the grease level. Lithium grease is suitable for both dry and water bearings. On the other hand, this type of grease is also ready to work with high-pressure and high-temperature.


The high-temperature wheel bearing is essential, even mandatory, to use on the bearing. The grease prevents high temperature, takes a heavy load, avoids corrosion, and finally reduces rust elements on the bearings. Moreover, you won’t get any noise from the bearing when you use grease. Overall, the high-temperature grease provides you with one of the best performances.

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