Will Putting Oil In My Car Make It Start? (Importance Of Adding Oil)

Will putting oil in my car make it start? It’s expected that every vehicle needs to be maintained regularly. But what do you do if the car won’t start? When your vehicle doesn’t start, that means there are many reasons. Among them could be due to low oil levels.

So, if you add some new and fresh oil, your car will move again. This article will discuss why putting oil helps your car turn, low oil symptoms, and more important information. So, please keep your eyes on deep:

Will Putting Oil In My Car Make It Start

Will Putting Oil In My Car Make It Start?

When you notice your car won’t start, the first thing you should check is the oil level of your engine. Additionally, if your machine is low on oil, you must add the recommended oil to restart your car. But if you see, the oil level is acceptable, and the car won’t start. That means there is another problem that you need to investigate.

It could be from a loose connection wire to a fuel injection issue. Understanding why your car won’t start can help you decide if you need a professional to fix it. Or if there is something relatively simple to get your vehicle back up and running again. So, if you find any problem, you can fix it properly, and your car will start again.

A car accident attorney shares: “While adding oil to a car is a standard maintenance task, it may not be a solution to a car that won’t start if there are underlying mechanical or electrical issues. If such issues lead to an accident, they could have legal implications”

How Long Should You Wait After Oiling Your Car?

How long you should wait after putting oil depends on the weather or your driving temperature. For example, in cold weather, if you use thick oil, the oil takes a few minutes to lubricate. In contrast, applying synthetic oil on a hot day only takes a few seconds of oiling.

The best advice we can give is to start your car when the dipstick shows that the high Mark has been reached. This Mark ensures you there are no air bubbles that cause any damage.

If Your Car Has No Oil, Will It Start?

Due to the lack of required oil, your engine will overheat and cause damage. A car will start without oil. But its result will be very cruel to the engine. A lack of oil will cause quick degradation of oil in the engine parts. Besides this, there is severe damage to the crankshaft, cylinder walls, pistons, and engine block.

We hope you can get your answer from here will your car start with no oil?

Will A Car Not Start Because Of Low Oil?

Yes, low oil is an indicator that tells you there is a problem with your engine. If the level is low, it prevents sufficient lubrication of crucial elements inside your engine. Likewise, low oil also causes engine failure, starting problems, and severe particle damage.

What Are The No Oil In Car Symptoms?

There are many signs you need to look at if your car is running with no oil. Some include;

Oil Pressure Warning Light

When you notice that the oil pressure warning light is on, that means there is not enough oil. This could be due to low oil levels or difficulties with the oil pump.

Check Engine Light

Your car check engine light will come on for many reasons, one of which is low oil. Therefore, your car needs oil if the check engine light comes with an oil pressure warning light.

Knocking Noise

If you hear a knocking sound from the engine, it may be due to a lack of oil. If your engine parts don’t lubricate correctly, you can listen to a knocking sound.


Overheating the engine causes severe damage. Oil helps remove heat from engine parts. If there is low oil, the engine will overheat and seize.

Can I Drive My Car Straight After Putting Oil In?

Do you want to know about starting the car after an oil change? After putting oil in your engine at a dealership or mechanic, it will be safe to drive your car immediately. On the contrary, if you change it manually, there is advice for you to just wait 10 minutes.

The reason is that when you do that with a mechanic, they will ensure there is no old oil. Moreover, they still assure you your crankcase is refilled with the correct amount. So you can drive your car at that time.

But suppose you change the oil yourself. After carefully draining the old oil, you will replace the drain plug and fill the crankcase. To settle the oil, you should wait 10 minutes and check the oil level. Thus, you can drive your car if your oil level is complete.

How To Start A Car After Running Out Of Oil?

Follow the instructions below to start your car after running out of oil:

  • Don’t start your vehicle if you hear a thumping sound or the oil warning light is on.
  • Check your oil dipstick to confirm if the lack of oil is the problem.
  • Drain the oil and inspect for metal spots, which may indicate engine damage.
  • If you find blemishes, take your car to a mechanic. If not, stop the oil and replace your oil plug.
  • Remove the fuel pump fuse and spark plug. Let your vehicle sit for some days.
  • Use a breaker bar to rotate the crankshaft a few revolutions.
  • Reinstall the car’s spark plug and fuel pump fuse.
  • Place the key in the ignition and turn it to its position. Likewise, it should help circulate the oil.
  • Fire up your engine and listen to knocking noises.
  • Start your car if all sounds good. It’s best to take a test drive for 10 to 30 minutes.

We hope the above steps will solve your problem.

how long should you wait to start your car after putting oil in it

In general, you should wait until after adding the oil. It’s because you can check your oil level after cooling down your engine. At this time, your car will cool down on its own.

Still, it will remain hot enough to retain the thin texture of the oil. You should wait at least 20 minutes to drain back into the sump entirely. By using the dipstick, recheck your oil level. And, if you need to add small amounts of oil until you read the accurate oil level. Finally, you can start your car.

will adding oil make car start

Reasons Why Won’t My Car Start After Adding Oil

Accordingly, there are some instances when your car won’t start after adding oil. Below we will discuss & tell you how you can find the problems and solve them today.

Failing Fuel Pump

For the tank to the engine, the fuel pump moves gasoline. If you hear any backfiring and sputtering, there may be a problem with the said fuel pump. Notably, it can overheat because of the engine to overheat. When this happens, the engine may stall, and your car won’t start.

Bad Battery

A worse battery is another common reason my car won’t after adding oil. Primarily, it will happen after a long or hot summer. If the temperature is high outside, your battery gets more stressed.

Clogged Fuel Filter

Fuel filters help trap dirt and debris inside the fuel lines. Mainly, if the filter is clogged, the car will not start. Therefore, you should change after every oil change.

Your vehicle may need to replace the fuel filter every 12,000 miles if it needs an oil change. Eventually, you should contact the technician if you think the filter is clogged.

Problems With Starter

Adequately, if you hear a clicking sound during the turn of the key in the ignition, you can know the starter is running poorly. You also hear a whirring sound when your key is on. Hence, if you hear this sound, your starter is not connecting to the flywheel. That means your car will not start.

Too Much Oil

An oil reservoir can hold some extra oil for two main reasons. One is to pay for liquid expansion in hot climates. Another reason is to protect the engine from damage.

If you put too much oil into the reservoir, excess oil may splash onto the crankshaft. The oil mixes with the air, causing low oil pressure. Once it occurs, the oil can’t pump effectively, which causes engine failure.

Final Word:

Adding oil is essential in your car for its proper functioning. Low oil levels mean your vehicle will not start and face more problems. On the other hand, if you put too much oil, your system will cause overheating and friction.

Plus, air bubbles may also form and hampers its performance. Consequently, it is crucial to always check your oil level before starting your car. Similarly, you would wait about 15 minutes after adding oil.

Overall, we hope you get the solution about will putting oil in my car make it start. You can comment to us if you want more information about this topic.

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