What Is Dielectric Oil? Best Substitute for Dielectric Oil

Sometimes, it is hard to apply dielectric oil, so we need a substitute for dielectric oil. There has been growing concern about using vegetable oils in the past few years. This type of oil is now used for small and medium power distribution transformers.

However, the power distribution transformer demands alternative dielectric oils that provide better performance. On the other hand, you have to keep in mind some substitutes for the dielectric oil so that you can apply them when you need them.

substitute for dielectric oil

What Is Dielectric Oil?

Dielectric oil is also known as Transformer oil or insulating oil. The oil is stable at high temperatures and has excellent electrical insulating properties.

This oil is also used for coolant and insulating the fluids in the switchgear and transformer. The oils work like lubricants and cool down the fluid instantly.

What Is Dielectric Oil Used for?

Dielectric oil is typically used for capacitors, high-voltage cables, and switchgear to cool the transformer and suppress unwanted electrical discharge and other areas. You can apply this oil to your high-voltage vehicles to provide them with safe operation.

On the contrary, dielectric oil is designed for very high-temperature. Dielectric oil is truly a good deal to reduce high temperatures and cool the transformer. Moreover, the oil is also designed to stop corona discharges and to arc.

Dielectric Oil for Submersible Pump

A submersible pump is a type of device used to remove water accumulated in a water-collecting from a sump basin. Similarly, dielectric oil is a type of oil used for insulating material. Is it safe to use dielectric oil or a submersible pump? Or which types of dielectric oil are suitable for the submersible pump?

Dielectric oil can be used on the submersible pump as a lubricant. The oil is ready to prevent corrosion and rust problems. After using the oil for a long-time, it breaks downs and causes leakage problems, which also takes much time to fix.

However, you can use the alternative of dielectric oil to get a faster solution. You can use mineral oil or synthetic lubricant as an alternative to dielectric oil.

Most of the submersible pumps are operated by electric power. When the pump comes with electric power, it has a float switch used for turning the water level up. Here, dielectric oils work properly because they are effectively worked on electrical devices.

dielectric oil for submersible pump

Substitute for Dielectric Oil

Dielectric oil is used for some specific areas like switchgear and transformer. There have some alternatives to this oil that you should keep in mind to get better performance.

It is a petroleum-based mineral or synthetic oil. It has been used last few decades. Green Transformer oil is derived from a nonrenewable source. The oil has affected the environment and also affects non-biodegradability properties. Due to several disadvantages, users are looking for alternatives to dielectric oil.

Here are some of the popular alternative dielectric oil for you. They are widely used instead of dielectric oil. So, let’s break them down.

Zoeller Dielectric Oil

Zoeller dielectric oil can use as an alternative to dielectric oil. However, it is high-quality blended synthetic oil. The oil is non-flammable, and this element makes it ideal to use in electrical equipment. So, it would be a good option to use Zoeller as an alternative to dielectric oil.

Vegetable Oils

First of all, vegetable oils undoubtedly have electrical properties. They have been used as transformer oil for many decades. It is one of the best alternatives to dielectric oil because of its stable performance and non-affective properties.

Ester Oil

The function of Ester oil is designed for coolant and insulation. You should use biodegradable transfer oil so that you can save the environment. Due to several disadvantages, the researcher focused on biodegradable as well as renewable alternatives to mineral oil.

Ester oil is the best alternative to dielectric oil. Why? Because it is a conventional petroleum-based oil that is truly protective of the environment. The researcher found many dielectric oil alternatives that failed to produce insulating properties on the oil.

However, Ester oil is not only an alternative to dielectric oil, but also you can use this oil as an alternative to mineral oils.

Palm Oil

Palm oil is the category of vegetable oil. You may often hear that vegetable is far better as an alternative to dielectric oil. Palm oil is also ready to cool and insulate the transformer. The palm is worked against the IEEE C637 and ASTM D.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: What can you use instead of transformer oil?

Answer: There are several oils on the market that you can use instead of transformer oil. For example, you can use vegetable oil, Ester oil, Palm oil, and so on. Among them, I prefer you consider Ester oil for better performance.

Q: Is coconut oil a dielectric?

Answer: Recent research shows that coconut oil can be used as a dielectric oil. They said coconut oil is used as a distribution transformer in tropical regions. The coconut oil you can use for dielectric doesn’t maintain the standard grade.

Q: Is mineral oil a dielectric fluid?

Answer: The answer is yes. Mineral oil is a dielectric fluid. Mineral oil Dielectric Fluid (MODEF) is used for electric transformers and other electric devices. For example, you can use mineral oil for your sump pump or submersible pump when it comes with an electric transformer.

Q: What are some alternatives for transformer oil?

Answer: According to my research, Ester is one of the best alternatives for transformer oil. It is ready to provide more coolant and insulating performance than some other transformer oils. However, you will also consider vegetable oils, Palm oil, and so on.

Q: Can engine oil be used as transformer oil?

Answer: The viscosity of the engine is higher than transformer oil. So, it is risky to apply engine oil to the transformer oil. Though it is risky, you can use some of the specific areas. On the other hand, you can add a very limited amount of engine oil to the transformer oil so that viscosity measurement can be fulfilled.

Wrapping Up!

Dielectric oils have been used for several years. Due to this oil’s disadvantages and environmental effects, the oil manufacturers thought of an alternative to this oil. However, a substitute for dielectric oil is the only solution to avoid dielectric oil. Ester and vegetable oils are now much more popular as an alternative to dielectric oils. They also work for electric transformers as well as electric devices.


Emon is Lubricants specialist who studied on Petroleum Engineering in UAE. He have more than 10 years experience on different kinds of lubrication including automobile troubleshooting.