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Spun-bearing metal in oil is a common matter. This problem comes out because of a bad oil filter, or the oil filter is not working properly. It is truly bad enough when your engine oil comes with spun-bearing metal. It causes several problems and seizes the crankshaft journal.

So, what happens when your oil comes with spun-bearing metal? First of all, the rod will tear up, ruin the rod journal, and damage a lot. When the rod is broken, it is really bad news for you. Overall, coming spun bearing metal on the oil is a bad sign, nothing else.

In this article, you will get some key reasons why this problem comes out and how you can fix the problem. Overall, the article provides you with one of the best solutions.

Spun Bearing Metal in Oil & Why Is It Come Out?

Spun bearing is usually the result of a chain at the end. These things are included loss of lubrication, high operating loads, and excessive heat. The main reason spun-bearing metal comes out of the oil is the loss of oil pressure.

Though it is a common and main reason, there are a couple of reasons have which help spun-bearing metal come out on the oil. For example, the high RPM is another reason which produces spun bearing metal on the oil.

On the other hand, the oil carries dirt and metal particles, which also bring on the oil. These things are directly affected by the oil.

These are the key causes that bring spun-bearing metal to the oil. Despite these problems, you may often find out more problems.

Spun Bearing Metal in Oil

How to Fix Spun Bearing Metal in Oil?

Based on the damaged areas, you will take action to fix this problem. You can easily fix this problem by replacing the crank, pistons, and rods. The replacement bearing will have to be correctly sized to easily and properly fit.

To completely assemble the bearing, you have to collect new bolts and rods. Make sure that you don’t torque-tow-yield (TTY) because they stretch and create several problems.

But what is the basic step of assembling? To assemble pre-lubing the front of the bearing, you must clean and dry the shells.

However, after completing the above process and replacing the damaged bear, I suggest that you change the oil. To change the oil, you have to ensure that the right viscosity of the oil, is before the engine is fired up. Finally, make sure that the good oil pressure once it running properly.

What Happened When Spun Bearing Metal in Oil?

When your engine oil comes with spun bearing metal, you have to understand that your engine comes with some key problems.

  • It comes with high RPM and low oil level
  • Blocked the oil gallery or oil filter
  • The oil filter will be unable to work properly
  • The bearing clearance becomes too tight for the oil viscosity
  • Bearing shell and crank journal
  • The cold become started

These are the key problems that you face when your oil comes with spun-bearing mental problems. It would be better for you to use a high-quality oil filter to get better performance.

Metal Chunks in Oil Pan

The metal chunks in the oil pan means the result of oxidation or engine oil contamination. Moreover, this problem is a thick gel stuck to the engine parts.

What happens when metal chunks come in an oil pan? First of all, it blocks the engine parts so that the engines are unable to work. On the other hand, the blocks or hammers’ oil flow through the engine, which is also bad enough.

For a cooling system of the engine, it is essential to keep it fully flowing and prevent additional stress. If you find metal chunks in the oil pan problem, you must take proper steps to fix the problem.

Gold Metal Flakes in Engine Oil

The gold color metal flakes are just aluminum views through the oil. Being cold, start the oil pressure bypass on the pump. However, the gold metal flakes in engine oil come from hot rocks and around volcanoes.

On the contrary, it is caused by metal flakes. Gold metal flakes slow down the engine parts, and it also causes several problems. For example, when this element comes to the engine oil, the oil doesn’t provide enough speed for the engine parts.

Metal Shavings in Oil New Engine

It is not normal to find metal shavings in the new oil engine. Moreover, the excessive metal shavings on the oil or newly discovered metal shaving may break down the engine. This element has broken so many parts of the engine that you need to spend money replacing it.

When the motor runs through the engine, the engine picks up metal shaving. When the amount of metal shaving is excessive, your vehicle engine is probably fully damaged.

Typically, metal shavings on your engine means a sign of an unhealthy engine. Most of the new car engine comes with accelerated wear of bearings problems because of metal shaving issue.

So, how can you fix the problem? I suggest you follow the below process to fix metal shaving problems without making any mistakes.

How to Fix Metal Shavings in Engine?

To fix metal shaving in the engine, you have to complete some essential points. You should take proper steps based on the number of metal shavings in the engine.

Step 1: Change the Oil

Sometimes changing the oil can get rid of maximum metal shavings. Because, most of the time, metal shaving problems come out from the oil.

Step 2: Replace the Filter

When your oil filter is weak and unable to work properly, metal shaving easily comes out on the engine. So, replace a new filter with the previous one.

Check for the best oil filter

Step 3: Parts Repair

After completing the above two steps and your vehicle engine still has a metal shaving problem, you must repair the parts. Because metal shaving damaged the engine parts by parts.

Step 4: Engine Replacement

In some cases, the above points are not working, and the rebuilt engine is not working properly. In this situation, you have to purchase a new engine.

Related Questions

Q: Why is there metal in my oil?

Answer: The more contaminated oil and rod problem causes the metal in the oil. Moreover, oil pressure failure is another problem that causes metal problems. There are plenty of reasons have which help the oil to bring the metal.

Q: Is it normal to find metal shavings in oil?

Answer: No, finding metal shavings on the oil is not normal. Because metal shavings on the engine are a bad sign. However, if you find metal shavings on the oil as well as the engine, you should take proper steps to fix the problem.

Q: What are the signs of a spun bearing?

Answer: The main sign of a spun bearing is a knocking noise. You will hear this annoying noise when the engine bearing is worn or spun. Moreover, the low oil pressure is another cause of spun bearing.

Wrapping Up!

Spun bearing metal in oil is not a common thing on the engine. Because it is a bad sign of engine. Moreover, the spun bearing metal damaged the parts of the engine and finally damaged the whole engine. So, it would be better for you to identify this problem and solve it as soon as possible.


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