Oil Coming Out of Crankcase Breather Harley | What Should You Do?

It is a bad sign when oil comes out of the crankcase breather Harley. This problem comes out for several reasons. For example, bad oil filter, too much oil, clogged breather or hose, and the ball not sitting in the right position. These are the core problems to come out of the oil from the crankcase breather Harley.

It is not tricky to solve the problem. To solve the issues, you have to find out the exact problem and take proper action to fix the issues. However, this article helps you to find out the problem and finally fix the issues without making any mistakes.

Oil Coming Out of Crankcase Breather Harley

Oil Coming Out of Crankcase Breather Harley

When your vehicle oil comes out from the crankcase breather Harley, you will find some common problems. 

First, you should check out the bad oil filter. Because a bad oil filter causes this problem. When the oil filter was damaged or leaked, it started to leak oil by the crankcase breather Harley.

Try to change the oil filter and install a new quality oil filter to fix the issue. Or, you can also repair the oil filter when the filter is installed in the wrong way or doesn’t damage deeply.

Secondly, you should check out the ball seating position. If the seating of the ball does not come in the right position, you should keep the ball in the right position.

Well, you can use ball removal tools so that you can remove the ball from the seating. After that, you can set them in the right position.

Third, the clogged hose is another problem that helps the oil coming out from the crankcase breather Harley. Clogging doesn’t help the oil flow properly and leaks the hose to drop oil.

In this situation, you can repair or replace the hose so that the oil flows properly and the hose doesn’t leak. According to my experience, it would be better for you to replace the old hose with a new one.

Why Oil Coming Out of Crankcase Breather Motorcycle?

There are plenty of reasons to help the oil coming out of the crankcase breather of your motorcycle. But, the most common reasons are oil filter cap problems, dirty breather mechanism, wrong ball seating position, and so on.

Moreover, the piston ring is another factor that also helps the oil come out of the crankcase breather from your motorcycle. Most of the time, the piston ring is worn and the oil comes out. Furthermore, when the oil seal is worn out you may face this problem.

So, how to keep oil coming out from your motorcycle crankcase breather? To fix the issue, first, you need to locate the exact problem.

For example, if your motorcycle comes with a dirty breather mechanism, you need to remove the mechanism clean it properly, and need to reassemble it. On the other hand, you can also check out your motorcycle oil filter cap or oil filter so that you can fix the issues without getting any problems.

Oil Leaking from Crankcase Breather

The oil is leaking from the crankcase breather because of pressure leakage from the worn seal. Similarly, if the hose of the crankcase breather is damaged, your vehicle will also face a leaking problem.

Typically, you will get an excess of oil blown out through the crankcase breather which is another reason which leaking the crankcase breather.

On the contrary, too much oil in the crankcase also causes the leaking issue. Overall, you have to check out the oil filter cap, gasket, and some other things to find out the leaking issue and fix them easily.

Harley Oil Breather Problems

Harley is an American motorcycle manufacturer. They also used a breather and the breather also created several problems like another motorcycle. But, which types of problems come out from Harley oil breather?

First of all, the Harley oil breather comes with a leaking problem. It comes with oil coming out of the crankcase of your motorcycle. Moreover, the hose also comes with a leaking issue which created a Harley oil breather problem. Harley EVO oil pump problem is another problem that you find with your motorcycle. Overall, you will discover several bad signs from Harley oil breather. After finding out the exact problems, you can solve them by yourself or also get help from an automobile shop.

Oil Coming Out of Crankcase Breather Harley

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FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: What causes oil to come out of the breather on a Harley Davidson?

Answer: It is a normal matter that oil comes out of the breather on a Harley Davidson. Though it is normal, you can run your motorcycle in an emergency when it comes to an oil-dropping problem. However, when this problem comes out, the motorcycle scavenging pump gets overwhelmed.

Q: What is a crankcase breather motorcycle?

Answer: A crankcase breather is a type of filter that allows fresh and clean air to enter the crankcase. Moreover, this also helps push harmful fumes or gasses out on the crankcase. Overall, your motorcycle will get clean and fresh air to run and make life longer.

Q: Why is oil coming out of my crankcase breather?

Answer: Too much oil or overfilled in the crankcase oil comes out. Moreover, when the engine speeds become too high this problem comes out. Even, a bad oil filter cap or oil filter also causes this problem. So, you have to find out the exact problem first so that you can fix the problem as soon as possible.

Is That Clear To You?

There are a couple of reasons have which help the motorcycle crankcase breathe oil coming out. However, when you overfill the oil in the crankcase, this problem comes out. Similarly, you will also discover other points that also help the crankcase breather oil come out.

For example, the wrong position seating ball clogged, and some other issues. So, try to find out the problem first from your motorcycle and fix the issues by yourself or get help from an automobile shop.

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