What is The Best Motorcycle Wet Clutch Oil?

One of the main differences between bikes and cars is the wet clutch and single lubricant. Using a motorcycle oil specifically formulated for wet clutch applications is an excellent way to keep your bike’s transmission running perfectly.

Wet clutch oils usually contain additives. So these additives protect the clutch from wear. Besides this, it can also provide reduced friction and developed cooling properties. Also, this can help to increase your bike’s transmission life as well as develop its overall performance.

That’s why choosing the right motorcycle wet clutch oil is very important. This is the article where we will discuss the best-wet clutch oil. Have a look:

Motorcycle Wet Clutch Oil

So, What’s The Best Motorcycle Wet Clutch Oil?

Wet clutch oil has to provide excellent lubrication for your transmission and engine. Moreover, our wet clutch oils also can clean the deposits and sludge from your motorcycle transmission. However, below are some of the best wet clutch-approved oils on the market. To know keep reading:

Motorex Power Synthetic 4T Engine Oil

Motorex power engine oil is specially designed to keep your sports bike performing for a long time and at high speeds. It was developed by Yoshimura Suzuki specifically for road racing. In fact, this is the best oil for a wet clutch motorcycle.

Actually, this is a fully synthetic oil and it can lubricate your wet clutch without slipping. Additionally, this oil is also excellent for track and serious racing conditions where you need to climb quickly as you accelerate.

Bel-Ray Thumper Racing Synthetic 4T Engine Oil

Bel-Ray thumper mix is a budget recommendation. In the case of price, you can get outstanding performance, especially if you talk about your motorcycle clutch. This allows for quick and fluid shifts without wasting too much energy.

Generally, it comes at a reasonable price because it’s not fully synthetic. Moreover, it contains a mixture of petroleum mineral oils, although it has synthetic esters. Still, it isn’t stable for a long time, it needs to be changed more frequently.

Rekluse Formulated 4T Synthetic Engine Oil

If your motorcycle takes 10w40, this Rekluse oil is a nice way to get a fully synthetic oil that fills the JASO spec. Usually, you can get the confidence that this oil will increase clutch performance.

Even so, it can protect against wear since it’s known for producing high-performance clutch kits. In particular, we love how consistent this oil is. Shifting remains soft and specific over a range of temperatures and speeds.

15W40 Wet Clutch Oil:

15W40 is a motorcycle and scooter oil formulated with premium mineral-based oils. Basically, this oil is perfect for travel and cross-motor racing. Nevertheless, this oil comes with ester tech additives to ensure optimal abrasion resistance. In general, you can use this product in automobiles where API SF/SG/SJ oi is specified.

With the development, it comes in so that it offers great protection to wet disc clutches and gearboxes. Furthermore, it’s best to use for regular work life and cold starts. The specification of JASO MA ensures you use all 4-stroke motorcycle engines like wet clutch and gearbox.

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Wet Clutch Oil vs Regular Oil:

Regular synthetic oil works well on the old clutch. Well if you use an old clutch then it’s best to use regular oil. But over time if your clutch was toast and if you installed a cheap clutch then your clutch will slip.

For that reason, if you install a new or expensive clutch again then the regular oil won’t work well. That’s why for your new motorcycle clutch you need to use clutch oil. It’s because this clutch oil can work better than regular oil on your new motorcycle clutch.

What Is Wet Clutch Approved Oil?

JASO MA2 is a wet clutch-approved oil. That means it comes with the best friction properties for a wet clutch. For that, you can use this oil in all wet-clutch motorcycles, and automatic classic mini. Generally, it comes with a wet clutch oil certification.

wet clutch oil

So, this oil doesn’t contain friction modifiers for improved fuel consumption found in modern vehicles. Rather it has friction modifiers like ATF or CVT oil that attract things with a given dynamic friction. Many diesel formulations also fill the MA2 friction test.

The question also indicates what oil is safe for a wet clutch, not best for a wet clutch. One indicates it’s safe and won’t damage your clutch, and the other indicates it keeps your clutch performing at its best. Therefore, performance problems with a wet clutch are traction-related and manifest as hard shifts, noisy shifts, and slippage under acceleration.

For viscosity, use your manufacturer’s recommendations. If they recommend 10W-40 and you put 20W-50, it won’t shift properly. Because the grooves on the paper or fiber disc aren’t deep enough to spread quickly, especially during the cold.

Wet Clutch Oil Additives:

It’s best to use only good-grade motorcycle or ATV oil that is suitable for wet clutches. Lucas Oil is made with a Mobil 1, Amsoil, or Rotella 5W-40 synthetic JASO MA and MD-rated oil. This oil additive doesn’t contain any friction modifier and is best for most wet clutches.

There are many oil additives you can find that contain some friction modifiers. Thus, it’s best to choose the right oil with the recommended viscosity rating that is best for your machine.

What Are The Best Go Kart Wet Clutch Oil?

Although a go-kart clutch is a small mechanical tool, it plays a big role in the transmission of rotational power in a go-kart. It gets exposed to high pressure and extreme heat because of the excessive friction of the internal equipment and drum. In this case, you need to maintain this component by applying good go-kart oil.

You can find many types of lubricants to lubricate your go-kart clutch. Mainly, it’s best to use oil-based lubricant because it’s most useful and it contains great thermal properties. It means this oil can effectively transfer heat to all components it comes in contact with.

Typically, it’s best to use 10w30 as go-kart oil because it contains proper viscosity balance and oxidation resistance. But if you are searching for a recommendation oil then you can use Pennzoil 10w30. Mainly, this oil is reasonable and best for go-kart clutches.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q. What oil is safe for a wet clutch?

A 10w30, 20w40, 10w40, or 20w50 is needed for motorcycle wet clutches where PJ1 Silverfire 4T motorcycle oil is recommended. In other words, it’s best because it provides excellent lubrication for both the transmission and the engine.

Likewise, you can use AMSOIL synthetic motorcycle oil because it comes for only wet clutch. They have no friction modifiers and (EP) extreme pressure additives.

Q. Is all motorcycle oil wet clutch?

Adequately, most bikes use a “wet clutch” in which the clutch assembly is bathed in engine oil instead of an automotive-style “dry clutch”, which has no oil.

Using the best-wet clutch oil for a motorcycle can help you focus on riding rather than unplanned maintenance.

Q. How do you know if oil is wet-clutch compatible?

You may know that wet clutch oil has the JASO-MA certification on the label. Meaning it doesn’t contain friction modifiers and pressure boosters you’d find in engine oil.

Q. Can I use JASO MB in the wet clutch?

Accordingly, if the friction test results in all three cases fall within the JASO MA parameters, then this oil has the JASO MA classification. And you can safely use it on your motorcycle. Alternatively, if you can see one or more results fall within JASO MB parameters it means it’s not suitable for a wet clutch.

Final Word:

Taking the benefits of a wet clutch means supplying it with high-quality oil designed especially for it. Do not use oil with an “Energy Conserving” SAE label on the back. They are not good long-term for wet motorcycle clutches. Either use motorcycle-specific oil or use JASO MA specifications oil.

Ultimately, this oil is great for most wet-clutch motorcycles and dirt bikes. Overall, we are trying to show you what motorcycle wet clutch oil is best for you. And we hope we have succeeded. If you need to know more information about this topic just contact us.

Thank you.

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