When Should You Do Motorcycle First Oil Change?

Before riding your new motorcycle make sure you read the manual service to see what the manufacturer specifically recommends. Check that the oil level is appropriate and start the engine. But allow it to reach the correct operating temperature before actually riding.

Try to find a light traffic road and a place where you can open the bike Oil sump. Make sure you change the engine speed from low mid-range to upper mid-range for about 20 miles.

It’s recommended for your new motorcycle’s first oil change after a 500 miles ride. Firstly, if you use SAE 10w40 or 20w40 or any other traditional mineral oil or even if you are not sure what oil your new bike has. You should change this oil and replace the filter. Also, if you use synthetic oil you can change it for the first time after a 1500-mile ride.

When Should I Need To Motorcycle Break In Oil Change

It is not good to change your first oil at 25-100 miles. So, if you are doing that means you are doing it too early. The oil that comes with your new motorcycle is “break-in” oil. This oil is different from regular oil. There is no need to wear the motor for 25 miles. Besides this, you don’t do the same speed or RPM first 300-400 miles.

The service manual said 500 miles, but the local dealer said to wait until 1000-1200 miles. But it’s best to change your break in oil after 600-800 miles of rides.

Motorcycle  first Oil Change

How To Breaking-in A New Motorcycle

Before enjoying all the benefits of owning a motorcycle, you should break your bike to warm it up to the road. It’s because it provides all press and tools a chance to settle before starting regularly.

Some new parts can be hard when first starting. Manufacturers say internal friction is high when you first ride your motorcycles off the lot. Additionally, this leads to weak fuel efficiency and high emissions. Experts say the “break-in” period typically lasts 500 to 1,000 miles.

But some models need up to 1,500 miles before they begin to reach their full potential. Over time, these parts will begin to learn how to work together with less tension and better sealing.

Breaking your motorcycle helps to protect your parts from damage. Use this guide to break in your new motorcycle before you attach the pedal to the metal.

Check Your Owner’s Manual

The first step in checking your motorcycle is to check your owner’s manual. Here you get detailed instructions to ease your motorcycle on the road. It may contain advice on starting the engine, obeying the speed limit, taking turns, and other riding tips that may surprise you.

Check It Out

In most cases, the manufacturer will check your motorcycle using a dynamometer. It’s also known as a “dyno”, they can do it before sending the bike to market. In addition, this dyno measures engine power and torque. Though there are no dyno tools in your garage, you can test your motorcycle’s engine power at home.

To start, let your motorbike warm up for about five minutes before riding on the road. Your first journey from the garage should last no more than 10 minutes. Keep your RPM low to start. Likewise, when you return to the garage, allow the motorcycle to cool for a few minutes before turning off the engine.

As the bike gets used to the road, gradually enhance your RPM and travel time. Check the engine to see any leaks and loose fasteners. Continue to vary the RPM for the first 500 to 1,000 miles.

More Tips for Breaking in New Motorcycle:

There are many extra considerations you need to remember when breaking into your new motorcycle.

  • Avoid using more than ¾ throttle and high speeds at the time of the break-in period.
  • During this time you should not try to stop on a dime, make hard turns, or accelerate too fast. Give yourself more time to start and stop on the road and avoid driving on wet roads.
  • When braking your bike, briefly increase your engine speed to the rev limit.
  • Do not start your motor at this stage. Stop your bike before labor begins.
  • Avoid riding with excessively high engine speed. Be sure to upshift to improve mileage and decrease engine noise.

How To First Oil Change On New Dirt Bike?

  1. First, drain the oil through the main drain plug.
  1. Set your bike on a stand to keep it steady while you work. Then, wipe the engine area around the oil filter and drain plug.
  2. Put the big oil screen back in then remove both caps on the big/small oil filter. Then suck out and clean some of the old oil from under them.
  3. Now install the new oil filter and back them up by cleaning the O-rings and putting light oil on them. Fill the bike with oil.
  4. Now start your engine and check the oil level. Inspect your oil filter and drain plug for leaks.

When the engine is cold the oil level on the clear screen is at the same level as when warm. This is the first oil change on a dirt bike procedure. And don’t get stressed, it’s because there is not any risk of internal damage.

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The Importance Of Doing Motorcycle 1st Service:

Who does the 1st service it’s not very important because an actual engine oil change is essential. For new engines to have the original engine oil and filter changed is very important to us every 600 miles/1000 km.

The first service is mainly an engine oil and filter change. Besides, this oil change is done with the correct recommended engine oil. The Yamaha records that the correct oil and actual filter (keep the receipts) i.e. their spec/parts are used.

Notably, it’s usually easiest to get at least the 1st service done by the dealer. The reason is that it can help if any problems arise.

So How Fast Does a 125cc Motorcycle Go?

When you are running in a 125 motorcycle its speed will be around 50-60 mph. But the average top speed is around 70-80 miles per hour. However, many different factors affect how fast a certain motorcycle can go.

There are many factors to consider when determining your original bike speed. Including rider experience, performance upgrades, environment, engine type, bike type, engine power, and road conditions.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions):

Q. When to change the oil on a motorcycle?

It’s recommended to check your owner’s manual to see what the manufacturer says about how often to change the oil. Basically what oil you use plays a big role in determining when you should change the oil.

Ergo, if you use mineral-based oil you can change it at least every 2000 miles. Or twice a year if you don’t use your bike regularly. In contrast, if you are using semi-synthetic oil, consider changing it after riding about 4000-6000 miles.

And for fully synthetic oil, you should change it after about 7000-10,000 miles. For new riders, synthetic oil costs more than mineral-based oil and can last longer, saving you the hassle of frequent changes.

Q. How many kilometers need to change the engine oil for a motorcycle?

As a general rule, engine oil should be changed every 3,000 to 4,000 km. At this stage, the performance of the engine will still appear normal. But if you don’t change the oil it may cause engine problems later on. Usually, you can use the daily kilometer reading to determine the correct time for an oil change.

Q. How long does synthetic oil last in a motorcycle?

Motorcycle engines will be able to run for 7,000-10,000 miles before switching off completely synthetic motor oil before changing oil. But it is best to change within 5000 miles.

Q. Should you do your first oil change early?

Accordingly, if you do your first oil change early, it can keep your elements clean and lubricated. That’s because, when the automobile was built the mating surfaces scratched against each other. As a result, the metal parts required to be flushed away so they wouldn’t damage the engine.

Final Word:

If you are wondering when I should do my motorcycle’s first oil change, then this guide will help you. It’s because most people recommend changing the oil after the first 20-mile ride.

Then again at 50 to 200 miles. Though you can do that and there is no harm in doing it, it’s time-consuming and expensive. However, the biggest point is to change your motorcycle’s first oil change at 500 miles and it’s better.

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