4 Bad Motor Oil Brands To Avoid And Substitutes 

Motor Oil Brands To Avoid

Before using motor oil, it’s essential to know which oil brands are best and which should be avoided. Using the wrong motor oil can enhance engine noise. Also, internal components will be damaged due to a lack of proper lubrication.

Just read this article to know details of bad motor oil brands to avoid. Even so, you can learn whether the engine oil brand is essential. Also, you can learn how to judge different motor oil brands’ quality.

We have shared the most reliable motor oil brands list. From this list, you can choose the best one for your engine to ensure protection in the long run. Let’s dive into it!

How to Identify a Worse Motor Oil Brand?

Many people asked how to identify the wrong motor oil brand, and the answer is easy. Before buying any motor oil brand, you must look for some criteria.

These include the engine type, the number of miles the engine has traveled, the temperature, and the year of manufacture. Additionally, you may want cheap motor oil for your car, but it can harm your engine.

Most cheap oils have high additives levels, which can damage your engine. Mainly, it’s best to choose high-quality oils that don’t contain additives.

If you need more clarification about the brand, consult a professional to determine if the oil is effective. Well, you don’t need to go anywhere. We are trying to tell you which brands to avoid and which to purchase.

bad motor oil brands to avoid

Bad Motor Oil Brands to Avoid

According to our team’s research, Liberty, Petrol, Quaker, and Xpress are the worst motor oil brands to avoid. Let’s see the reasons:

Quaker State Q

Quaker State Q is the worst motor oil brand for failing to provide some primary advantages of motor oil. Firstly, this brand has a high price tag but needs to improve product quality.

Like Liberty Oil, Quaker State Q also claims many advantages, but most body labels have proven fake. Adding more, Quaker lacks some of the additives needed for lubrication to keep your car running smoothly. High volatility is the main reason to avoid this brand. It spreads quickly and can seriously damage the engine in the long run.

Quaker also claims multi-viscosity, but this is again a false claim. So to keep your car engine at its best, it’s best to look at other options.

The main reasons to avoid this is

● Little expensive

● High volatility

Liberty Motor oil

The main reason to avoid this brand is the company needs to be more proper to its word. Liberty oil has many benefits and properties, but it needs to provide an average-quality product.

There needs to be more than the percentage of the additive to cover the basic requirements of motor oil. Volatility and viscosity level are other significant drawbacks of this brand.

So based on all the information mentioned above, you must be aware of what this brand offers.

The main reasons to avoid:

● Low viscosity and high volatility level

● average quality

Petrol Motor oil

Like other worst brands, this oil misleads its users with wrong guidance and information. So it comes down to categorizing bad motor oil brands to avoid. Furthermore, the viscosity level stated on the packaging could be more realistic.

They offer an unacceptable level that can be alarming for the engine. Besides this, the SAE specification they promise is also fake and makes you dissatisfied with the quality.

Quality motor oil contributes positively to the environment, but petrol motor oil does the opposite. Therefore, this oil brand leads to high fuel consumption, which induces environmental problems. It would help if you considered some factors before deciding, and it is best to avoid them.

The main reason to avoid

● Not suitable, especially for newer models

● Low viscosity level

Xpress Lube Pro

You know that motor oil brands’ essential labels are viscosity grading and SAE, but Xpress Lube Pro eschews them. So due to this major flaw and many other reasons, this brand is one of the worst motor oil brands. Grading is just inappropriate and not fair at all.

Still, many harmful impurities contribute nothing but poor oil quality. Moreover, more than the functionality is needed for modern models. We do not recommend this for older models to avoid some significant issues. Finally, Express Lube Pro also has fake labeling and needs to deliver what it promises.

The main reason to avoid

● Inappropriate SAE grading classification

● Excess impurities

Most Reliable Motor Oil Brands That You Should Use:

After avoiding the bad motor oil brands, we’ve compiled another best oil brands alternatives. From here, you can consider your next purchase. So before any further delay, let’s find out. The most reliable motor oil brands include Shell, Castrol, Mobil, Valvoline, and Motul. From these brands, you can choose the best one for your car.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q. Which synthetic oil is the best?

The best synthetic oils are:

  1. Mobil 1 Extended Synthetic Motor Oil.
  2. Royal Purple Synthetic Motor Oil.
  3. Shell ROTELLA Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil.
  4. Pennzoil Ultra Motor Oil.
  5. Valvoline MaxLife High Mileage Motor Oil.

Q. Is Royal Purple better than Mobil?

Royal Purple has more friction protection than Mobil 1 oil. This means that Mobil 1 oil lacks some advantages. That’s why Royal Purple has better security than Mobil 1.

Q. Which engine oil is best for car synthetic?

The best engine oil which is best for car synthetic:

1. Mobile 1 Synthetic Motor Oil

2. Castrol GTX Motor Oil

3. Pennzoil Ultra fully synthetic motor oil

4. Amsoil Signature Synthetic Motor oil

5. Valvoline Advanced synthetic motor oil

Q. Does the oil brand matter?

Different motor oil brands may look the same on the surface. But this is not the case because every oil manufacturer adds various additives and chemicals.

These additions create each brand different from others. There are safety regulations to check the quality of motor oil. Some brands take these rules seriously, and others don’t.

Choosing a good oil brand that meets exceptional safety standards is wise. Ergo, the engine oil brand is essential and significantly impacts the engine. Read More

Q. Which brand of 5W30 is best?

Accordingly, there are many brands available in the market. Some brands of 5W30 are Valvoline Advanced, Castrol 03555, Mobil 1, Motul 8100 X-Clean, and more.

Final Word

On the other hand, only go to a retail outlet if you know the best motor oil. We hope you now know which motor oil brands to avoid. Likewise, you can purchase the right one for your car next time.

Ensure the brand of oil you select complies with the IPA and ILSAC regulations. Ultimately, you need to check before choosing an oil brand. We hope this information helps you select the right brand of oil. Please comment with us if you have any questions.




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