What Is Low Ash Diesel Engine Oil? (Explained)

The low-ash diesel engine oil contains less metal detergent. Thus the sulfated ash content is reduced to about two-thirds that of conventional high-ash oils. Test results specified by DH-2 confirm that improved oils are similar to high-ash oils in all central performances.

Through testing on the DPF-equipped engines, the improved oil also is compatible with the DPF. And the oil’s good long-drain performance will be a year-long fleet test. Low-ash oils are low in phosphorus, sulfate, and sulfur and, therefore, low in ash-forming material. Let’s learn more about low-ash diesel engine oil.

Low Ash Diesel Engine Oil

Low Ash Diesel Engine Oil

Low ash or SAPS oils are oils with low content of sulfate ash (SA), phosphorus (P), and sulfur (S). Another term for low SAPS is “low ash” because the tendency to produce ash is low. Engine oil contains low-emission additives. Also, it is mainly used in automobiles with diesel particulate filters and three-way catalytic converters.

When large amounts of sulfur and phosphorus are burned, the residue clogs the delicate pores of filters of catalytic converters. Phosphorus and sulfur neutralize catalytic converter surfaces and prevent detoxification of the exhaust.

Due to the low ash-forming content, these oils guarantee a long service life and low pollutant emissions. This oil meets OEM requirements and helps lower downtime and maintenance costs, and prolong tools life.

What is Low-Ash Oil Used For?

Low ash engine oil is mainly used in vehicles that use Adblue and are fitted with a diesel particulate filter. Since this oil contains low-emission additives, it is suitable for cars with three-way catalytic converters.

What Is Considered Low Ash Oil?

Considered low ash oil contains low sulfated ash, phosphorus, and sulfur content. They are also known as low-ash engine oils because they have less tendency to form ash. Plus, these oils consist of inventive and low-emission additives.

Since the development of diesel and gasoline particulate filters, low ash oils have become popular. Hence, these oils consist of innovative and low-emission additives. Besides this, as we mentioned earlier, these oils are suitable for cars with diesel particulate filters and three-way catalytic converters.

Their low ash-forming properties and lowered sulfur and phosphorus ensure longer engine service life. Most importantly, they reduce pollutant emissions and increase the exhaust gas purification systems’ efficiency.

Ultra-low Ash Diesel Oil:

Ultra-low ash technology uses 60% less metal elements that can be created in machine after-treatment systems.

It requires costly maintenance and tool downtime. Moreover, it uses a powerful antioxidant system that prevents breakdown at high operating temperatures. In general, ultra-low ash diesel oil provides an increased and proven performance level. These properties enable the tools to maintain fuel economy performance and save significant life cycle costs.

In fact, ultra-low ash diesel oil significantly benefits aging systems compared to conventional lubricants. Consequently, ultra-low ash oil offers a considerably lower denser ash loading. Therefore it also provides the potential benefits of extended DPF maintenance intervals and 3% fuel economy.

Low Ash Oil Brands:

Many low-ash oil brands in the market are best for engine, diesel, and gasoline engines. But from them, you should choose the best one for you. Some low-ash oil brands are:

  • Chevron Delo 600 ADF Low Ash Diesel Engine Oil
  • Texaco Delo Low Ash Engine Oil
  • Klondike 15w40 Low Ash natural gas engine oil
  • Mobil Delvac Low Ash engine oil

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low ash diesel oil

Some Best Diesel Oil For Diesel Engines

Below, we give some of the best diesel engine oil to suit your diesel engines.

Delo 600 ADF 10w30 Review

Delo provides ultimate system protection to both the engine and exhaust system. Mainly, it helps reduce the DPF clogging rate to maintain DPF service life. Ensuring your lubricants meet OEM requirements enables you to minimize downtime, lower maintenance costs, and increase equipment life.

Delo® 600 ADF engine oils are approved for use in natural gas engines. The only ultra-low ash engine oil approved for use in CNG engine fleets and mixed diesel engines.


The Delo ultra-low ash engine oil is recommended for Tier IV Final and 2017 greenhouse gas-compliant use. Besides this, you can use this oil in naturally aspirated and turbocharged four-stroke engines. This oil’s viscosity grade is 10w40, and API CK-4 oils are recommended for NG engines. Thus, this product meets Detroit Fluid Specification DFS 93K222.

Delo 400 15w40 Diesel Oil:

Delo, 400 15W40 heavy-duty diesel engine oil, especially for 2017 Greenhouse Gas compliant diesel engines. In addition, it is also designed for low CO2 emissions and increased fuel economy.

Likewise, this oil is entirely compatible with previous motor models and API oil service categories. It has extraordinary ink dispersion and wears control to protect your diesel engine. This oil can save your rings, pistons, and cylinder from wear and corrosion. Yet, after using this oil, you can get optimum service life and reduce the maintenance schedule.


Accordingly, this Delo 400 15W40 oil is suitable for naturally aspirated and turbocharged four-stroke diesel and gasoline engines. You can use this oil in a wide range of operating and climate conditions under severe conditions.

In particular, this advanced technology is best for ultra-low and low-sulfur diesel fuels. In particular, you also can use it in today’s most modern off-highway engines.

15w40 Heavy-Duty Diesel Oil:

Basically, this type of diesel oil protects synthetic-blend, traditional, and other synthetic oils. The artificial technology offers heavy-duty protection for diesel users and those who rely on their tools for a living.

For people who are searching for diesel oil that maximizes tool life, this oil is ideal for them. Nevertheless, you should use this heavy-duty diesel oil to reduce maintenance costs and downtime. Usually, it can prevent the concentration effects of oxidation and soot pollution.

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Adequately, you can use this 15w40 heavy-duty diesel oil in diesel and gasoline engines. Some diesel engine vehicles are Volvo VDS 4.5, VDS4, VDS3 X X X. Mack EOS-4.5, and more applications of cars.

Final Word

On the other hand, Low ash diesel engine oil comes with high wear protection and useful anticipation features. Ultimately, they can reduce sulfur and phosphorus content. Subsequently, this oil contains the latest additives and high-quality base oils for high oil change intervals.

Once you use it, you can protect your diesel engine and reduce your car’s emissions. When selecting a low-ash diesel engine oil, you should consider various factors, including viscosity, ACEA grade, and HT/HS viscosity.

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