Kirkland Synthetic Oil Vs. Mobil 1: Which Brand Is Best In 2023

For every vehicle, you know how vital engine oil is. As the human body needs food to live, automobiles need oil. Oil is like a shield for the engine’s moving parts. So it’s essential to use the best engine oil for your car. Kirkland and Mobil 1, two brands of synthetic lubricants, often compete for the top place. Both of these oils are top engine oils. But when choosing engine oil, some people need clarification about what suits a car. We will discuss Kirkland vs. Mobil 1 to help you select the proper one.

Kirkland Synthetic Oil Vs. Mobil 1

Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil Reviews:

Do you want to know who makes Mobil 1? Mobil 1 is manufactured by ExxonMobil, one of the most famous brands in the lubricant sector. Mobil 1 synthetic motor oil was manufactured by the same team that produced motor oil in Alaska in the late ’60s.

Then ExxonMobil released a new motor oil type to revolutionize the industry in 1974. This oil is Mobil 1 synthetic motor oil, created from a synthetic base stock. It comes with high quality and provides higher-performance additives. Besides, Mobil 1 took off immediately and became interchangeable with synthetic motor oil.

Although it is expensive, its performance will give you excellent returns. It can lubricate your car’s engines in every component. This ensures the maximum efficiency of the machine. Besides this, the viscosity may not affect how many miles you cover. It preserves functionality and color.

Moreover, oil preserves engine parts for a long time and prevents sludge build-up in your vehicle’s regulators. After using this oil, you don’t need to exchange it frequently, so you can save money.

Kirkland Full Synthetic Oil Reviews:

A well-known brand, Costco, markets Kirkland’s engine oil. Costco’s Kirkland engine oil was first introduced in 2004. In addition, Costco is a big chain of retail shops, but some say they don’t manufacture this oil.

In addition, it is manufactured by the Warren Distribution Company. Typically, this company is quite old and North America’s most significant oil distributor. For Costco, this Warren company makes Kirkland motor oil.

Kirkland has shown his skills to the world as a game-changer engine oil. Thus, this ideal oil extends engine efficiency and prevents thermal breakdown. Furthermore, it decreases corrosion. Notably, this synthetic oil is certified for engines, so you can safely use it.

It comes to cleaning engine internal parts, reducing wear, and delivering extreme fuel efficiency. These oils have different viscosities, like SAE 5W20, 0W20, and 5W30. Among them, the 0W20 features a better version. However, as synthetic motor oil, Kirkland always satisfies its users.

Comparison Between Kirkland Synthetic Oil Vs. Mobil 1:

For you, we have made a comparison between these famous brands. After reading this comparison section, you can decide before picking engine oil. Let’s discuss:


Accordingly, Mobil 1 oil has an average shelf life of about five years. Regardless, it is essential to remember that this is only an estimate. The actual shelf life will be shorter or longer depending on many factors. For example, it can be changed, including how the oil is stored and under what conditions it is used. Kirkland motor oil has an average shelf life of three to five years. Yet, it can last up to five years when stored in a cool, dark place.

Fuel Economy

Kirkland fuel economy features are very close to Mobil 1. Since Mobil 1 is performance oil, it doesn’t have good fuel economy. The brand is relatively premium and is more focused on liquid quality.

Regarding fuel economy, the Kirkland synthetic oil is a little bit good. Generally, Kirkland oil viscosity grades are limited and optimized for the most efficient fuel use. Therefore, these oils are comparable to Mobil 1 in this category.

The Price

Kirkland synthetic oils are very affordable. On the contrary, Mobil 1 is a costly undertaking. Kirkland’s unique selling point offers quality oil at affordable prices. For people who are looking for good quality oil at an affordable price, Kirkland can be a great option. We can’t say the same about Mobil 1, though.


Accordingly, Mobil 1 is known for its longevity, and it takes quite a long break to change. The longer engine oil lasts, the more profitable it is for the customer. Good oil should maintain engine health, though, and the Mobil 1 does just that. Hence, it lasts for a long time and protects your engine. In contrast, Kirkland synthetic oil lasts longer but less than Mobil 1. Mobil 1 comes with a high life expectancy.

Engine Performance

As both Kirkland and Mobil 1 have synthetic oils and quality additives, they ensure optimal motor performance. But Mobil 1 is best for new and old cars. Kirkland is famous for its old-engine vehicles, and it provides maximum engine performance.


Eventually, Kirkland allows your engine to start smoothly in cold weather thanks to its low-temperature fluid. That’s like a reliable oil that provides the best weather performance in both weather. But Mobil performs equally. That means its 5w30 grades ensure fast oil flow when cold and remain stable during hot. These characteristics make this oil unique, unlike other oils.

Protective Wear

In general, Kirkland contains anti-wear additives that create a protective wall on engine parts. Yet, it protects the engine from friction and wear, helping it run longer and perform better.

The Mobil 1 has its own set of armor. Its advanced formula is enriched with friction-reducing additives to protect your engine from wear. After using this oil, your motor stays healthy and can feel comfortable.


You can use Kirkland oil in various vehicles with gasoline engines. In particular, this oil is also compatible with conventional oils. So it provides a flexible option if you’re considering a change. Consequently, Mobil 1 also shows off extensive compatibility. Whether you want to use it on a sports car or a minivan, this oil is probably the right fit. Still, this oil also mixes well with traditional oils, so upgrading to Mobil 1 is a trend.

Which Brand Is Better?

It’s up to you to decide Kirkland vs. Mobil 1, which is better? and what they can consider. But basically, Mobil 1 oil is the best oil on the market despite the price. Without any doubt, it can prevent evaporation and can flow when exposed to extreme temperatures. Before deciding which brand is ideal for your vehicle, you should read their review carefully.

Additional Information About Kirkland Synthetic Oil:

Kirkland Signature 0w20 Motor Oil:

Kirkland Synthetic Oil 0W20 is a fully synthetic oil designed to decrease wear on crucial elements. Regardless, it also can maximize fuel economy. Even so, its 100% synthetic formulation delivers long-lasting engine protection and performance.

SAE 0W20 API SL and ILSAC GF-5, GF-4, or standards are needed for use in gasoline. Ergo, you can use this oil in X-fuel or gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles. Approved for use in all GM gasoline engines requiring 0W20.

It can prevent the low-speed resignation you can face from your modern and turbocharged gasoline engines. During cold starts, it can control friction and engine wear. Undoubtedly, it also can protect your engine from high-temperature shearing to increase your oil life.

Kirkland Synthetic Oil Test:

Test results on these samples meet the SAE J300 specification for the SAE viscosity grade. In particular, its result is listed on the product label and conforms to the API service category.

You can’t use it alone to confirm whether the product being tested matches a given API service category. Test results and PQIA evaluations relate only to samples tested and tests conducted. Here we provide a full report of the Kirkland synthetic oil test:


ViscosityStandardKirkland signatureStatus
Viscosity 100°C cST9.3 to <12.5  11.6  
Viscosity 40°C cST65.0
Viscosity index175
Cold Crank Viscosity at -30°c6600 max3734  
Detergent Additive and Total Base Number (TBN)Standard    Kirkland signatureStatus
Calcium (ppm)  1,367
Magnesium (ppm)   564
Sodium (ppm)<1
Barium (ppm)  <1
TBN, mg KOH/g (ASTM D2896)8.0
Anti-wear Additives (parts per million)StandardKirkland signatureStatus
Phosphorus600 to 800 -a776
Contaminants (parts per million)StandardKirkland signatureStatus
Chromium <1
Kirkland Synthetic Oil Vs. Mobil 1

Kirkland Vs. Amsoil:

Kirkland uses Warren Oil as their manufacturer. Warren blends additives in a base oil. Like other oil companies, Kirkland Oil also has API licenses to monitor the quality of the oil. Kirkland is the best oil which is good enough for most drivers and their cars.

Amsoil doesn’t like Kirkland. They purchase an additive pack, or they create it themselves. Besides, Amsoil also has an API license to fulfill the oil’s minimum quality. Plus, this oil does not go to automakers to test their oil. As an oil analysis, we want to go for Amsoil. The reason is that it contains lots of additives. Mainly, the higher oil additive can clean better but can be more distressing to the seals.

Both brands have GF-6 licensed oils; search the Starburst symbol. You will pay more for Amsoil, The additive is not cheap, but as long as it is Starburst, it will work in your car. Both brands have GF-6 licensed oils but look for the starburst symbol. Lastly, you will want to spend more money on Amsoil because it will be best for your vehicle.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q. Is Kirkland synthetic oil as good as Mobil 1?

Yes, it is. Kirkland Synthetic is the best quality motor oil with premium quality additives and fully synthetic oils. Still, Kirkland offers the same as Mobil 1, in addition to advanced synthetic compounds and additives. Above all, they have quality components to protect the engine from corrosion. At last, they offer the best reasonable fully synthetic engine oil for any older car engine.

Q. How long will Kirkland oil last?

If your owner’s manual says 5,000 miles, put the synthetic within 7,500 miles for conventional oil. If it says 6,000 miles, don’t go over 9,000. Subsequently, if your manufacturer recommends only synthetic oil, you should follow their exact mileage limits.

Kirkland created a company called Warren. You can see and verify it on the internet. They are rated for about 7,500 miles in most cases by Blackstone Labs testing.

Final Word:

In summary, Kirkland and Mobil 1 are legendary synthetic oils. But Kirkland vs. Mobil 1: Which one is perfect was the question. At least, we are trying to say which one is best by discussing their comparison. Ultimately, since both are synthetic oils, both can increase your engine performance and efficiency.

Although their reputation and cost are incomparable, both oils continue to perform well. Lastly, when searching for the ideal one, it’s best to choose an oil based on your considerations. For people who are looking for budget-friendly quality oil, it’s best to choose Kirkland.


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