How To Use An Oil Filter Drain Tool? Simple Process

This oil filter drain tool drains the spin-on oil filter before removing it from the engine. It also makes the process of oil change much cleaner. Besides this, it also allows you to remove the drain plug for the filter spindle cap. This tool also helps the oil to drain cleanly through an integrated tube into the oil drain pan.

The tool contains an integrated swivel. So without changing the integrated hose, you can screw the spindle cap plug into its position. However, let’s know how to use an oil filter drain tool and more information below:

How to Use An Oil Filter Drain Tool

How to Use An Oil Filter Drain Tool?

All oil filters and caps use right-hand threads. To tighten it, you should go clockwise, and to loosen it; you should go counterclockwise. But to loosen it, some tools only need to tighten counterclockwise. You can find many types of oil filter drain tools; every tool comes with its weaknesses and strengths. Let’s know how to use them:

  • End Cap:

These tools come for a single filter size. Just fit this cap over the filter and use a wrench to lose it.

  • Claw:

Universal claw tools include two or three claws to grip the oil filter. The claw grabs more if you turn the tool to loosen the filter. Spring-loaded claw wrenches attach to the filter; you should free your hand in tight spots.

  • Band:

A band tool is easy to use and fits with a filter size. Usually, it operates in one direction with a swivel handle to include tight spaces; Others use a wrench. If it doesn’t stick, try turning it over.

  • Strap:

To grip the filter, this type of tool uses a flexible strap. Some have a handle; others need a wrench. Some strap wrenches grip on both sides. To use this tool, you should clean the whip and filter to prevent slipping. After losing the filter, remove the strap before loosening the filter entirely. You can prevent oil from soaking into the whip if you can do it.

  • Pliers:

Pliers oil filter spreads the pressure over three or four points to improve grip and limit slip. Before losing the filter, remember to get a firm grip on your pliers.

  • Chain:

Chain wrenches are very effective and wrap around the oil filter with extreme grip. Some chain wrenches can work in both directions.

  • Ratchet Or Wrench:

Some spin-on oil filters come with a square lug or a hole. With this wrench, you can loosen the filter easily.

What Does Oil Filter Drain Tool Do?

An oil filter drain tool removes the oil filter from the engine. These wrenches are available in various designs and sizes; some are adjustable to fit numerous filter sizes. In car workshops, the two types are always used. Belt-shaped tools fit with multiple sizes of filters and are used to tighten the belt.

Socket-shaped wrenches fit a specific filter housing size. But they need a smaller area to operate than belted wrenches. Oil filter tools are only used to remove the filter; you don’t need to install them. New oil filters are installed manually and must be tightened during engine warm-up and cool-down.

A wrench removes the oil filter because more unscrewing force is required. This tool is necessary to remove the oil filter because you need more unscrewing pressure.

Oil Filter Drain Tool

Additional Information:

Let’s know more information about the oil filter drain tool:

No Mess Oil Filter Drain Tool V2:

Do you hate the mess when removing your oil filter? Everyone likes to change the oil cleanly. If you have not drained your oil filter quickly, introduce our No Mess Filter Drain. This is a newly invented tool specially developed to drain the oil from the oil filter before you remove it. With this oil filter, you can avoid mess and save more money.

You can use this oil filter drain tool with any spin-on oil filter farm, Bosch, Mobile 1, K&N, Motorcraft, cars, and more. When you want to drain oil from the filter, you need to remove the filter and eliminate the oil filter mess.

Let’s know how it works:

What you will need:

1. Drill – You need to drill like the pictured

2. Hose – Use a 3/8″ ID hose; you can find it at all local hardware stores.

Using a drill – drill the no-mess filter drain tool into your oil filter.

When the no-mess oil filter drain tool is fully seated, the oil will flow into the tool and hose. Direct the hose and catch the oil in the oil filter. When draining the oil filter, return the No Mess Oil Filter Drain Tool and remove the oil filter.

Oil Filter Drain Funnel:

In a typical oil change operation, a mechanic uses a bucket to drain the dirty oil and replace the oil filter. The oil is transferred from the bucket to another storage container for reuse.

To transfer the oil, a funnel is usually used. Since it cannot be secured, spillage is an excellent possibility. Additionally, it’s difficult to remove trapped oil from the oil filter. Also, you can completely drain it. It’s not possible to drain the oil completely, so most of the excess oil is released into landfills.

With this oil filter, drain funnel mechanics can change the oil more efficiently. Because of this funnel, you can reduce oil spillage and extract oil from the spent oil filter. Moreover, it can reduce the amount of oil released into the environment and make oil changes easier for mechanics.

How To Use Oil Filter Puncture Drain Tool?

  • Place the filter can on its side in the oil filter puncture drain tool.
  • Place the tool on the top of the filter so that the tang end is flush with the bottom of the filter. This ensures punctures are always created behind the check valve on every oil filter. Then hit the front of the tool, efficiently driving two sharp steel penetrators past the filter.
  • Always remember to use caution when filtering hot drains to avoid burns. You should wear protective equipment like safety glasses and gloves to prevent injury.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. What is the best tool to remove an oil filter?

Pliers are a simple tool, but it’s an effective way to remove the oil filter. With these pliers, you can remove any filter up to a 12-inch diameter. Without it, you can use this tool easily.

Q. What tools are used to remove the oil filter?

If you want to remove the oil filter, use a hand, belt strap wrench, and bandana. Furthermore, you can’t use a hammer, screwdriver, or pry bar to remove the oil filter.

Final Word:

To drain your oil, you need different tools. Particularly, you need to collect new oil and a new oil filter to change your oil. Likewise, it would help if you wrenched a drain funnel or some rages to clean the drain plug. Another tool you’ll need is an oil filter drain tool. Eventually, this tool is handy when a used oil filter doesn’t come off quickly.

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