Easiest Ways On How To Remove An Over Tightened Oil Plug

Engine grease is crucial for the smooth functioning and proper stability of your vehicle. Once it seals, knowing how to remove an overtightened oil plug can help you avoid any damage to your engine equipment.

Additionally, a stuck lubricated bolt is a common problem and can be easily fixed. But it is quite difficult to detect without regular checks and it can cause long-term damage. So, check out the causes and solutions available in this article to handle this issue.

how to remove an over tightened oil plug

Reasons For An Over-Tightened Oil Plug


Every time the oil is changed, some fluid overflows around the plug. The high temperatures from the car’s engine then oxidize that excess.

During this process, the molecules of engine grease break up and adhere to the mixture of dirt released from combustion. Specifically, the mixture contains fuel, water, carbon, and metal particles.

This combination creates a sticky sludge. And it explains why you can’t loosen the over-tightened oil drain plug.


The second reason is simpler; The plug is highly tightened after opening. Amateur drivers in mechanic shops don’t have enough mechanical knowledge when performing routine maintenance.

An over-tightened crew has a bad effect on the pitch. As a result, you will need to replace the oil pan entirely. Check the surrounding areas, perform required maintenance, and use a new plugin for its relevant position.


If you don’t remove the stopper regularly, or if you don’t touch it for a long time, rust will form. This phenomenon mostly occurs with cars that get old without proper maintenance or after long use.

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How To Remove An Over-Tightened Oil Plug?

Oil changes are a regular maintenance part of any car. Although the process is very simple, often, an overtightened oil plug complicates it. Here is the easiest guide to removing an excessively tight oil plug.

Safety Precautions

Before starting the process, you need to meet some security criteria; Arrange the tools below before starting.

  • Safety glass
  • A piece of cardboard
  • A wet cloth

Tools such as socket wrench, a gator grip, hammer, lubricant or rust remover, etc.

Now you should arrange a safe setup to remove the tightened oil plug. First, park the vehicle on a strong surface. Then place the cardboard 3-4 feet square under the oil pan plug. It is best to use two cards for extra security.

Now put your tools on a small board and place them under the car where you can reach them easily. Finally, put on your safety glasses and begin the removal process.

how to remove an over tightened oil plug

Warm Up Your Vehicle First

While you remove the stuck plug, warm up your car for an effective result. Just start your car and let it steam for a while. When you are sure the car is warm enough, find a stable place to park it.

Please make sure the vehicle is not hot before starting work on it for your safety. Use your hydraulics and lift the vehicle above ground level.

Bend under your car to find a clogged drain plug. As soon as you detect it, take it out. Then, all you have to do is turn the plug counterclockwise and clockwise. Will loosen up after a while.

Apply Rust Remover Or Lubricant

After checking the drain plug and finding rust around it, take care of the rust. Apply lubricant to the rusted area. This lubricant can remove the sludge and rust on the drain plug.

Just spray oil on the drain plug. Let it stay for a few minutes. Mainly, this will enable the oil to perform perfectly. Now you will begin to remove the car’s oil drain plug. Also, you can use Marvel Mystery Oil for this job.

It is proven to be an effective and safe lubricant for rust and sludge removal. To stop gum and varnish build-up, clean fuel injectors, and carburetors, you can use it. Thus, it can also extend the life of the plug.

Using a rust remover prevents sludge from forming in your engine. Moreover, it acts as a lubricator in your car’s upper cylinders to ensure smooth idling. Subsequently, it increases compression, MPG, and power.

These features show that this particular lubricant is your go-to. Furthermore, you can prevent the whole issue from happening by using Marvel Mystery Oil.

Apply Your Socket Wrench

As long as you own a vehicle, a socket wrench is a must-have. In particular, it’s important in automotive maintenance. Because it’s flexible and you can easily use it. Socket wrenches serve numerous purposes.

Therefore, with a fitting socket wrench, you can remove the over-tightened drain plug. Notably, if you can purchase a long-handled socket wrench, it’s a plus point for you.

Hence, if you get a fitting socket wrench for your drain plug, you can apply it to remove the drain plug. Undoubtedly, it’s recommended to purchase a long-handled socket wrench. As you remove the plug, it can provide additional torque. The 69 pcs- EPAuto ¼” & 3/8″ Drive Socket Set with Pear Head Ratchet is very good in the market. Besides, this brand is corrosion-resistant, durable, and easy to store.

Use Hammer

When you can see the socket wrench, lubricant doesn’t help you, your next option would be a hammer. Gently tap your hammer on your loose drain plug. But before using it, you should be very careful about damaging the plug teeth.

A hammer application is only necessary when other options have failed you. Hence, you can use a hammer if the drain plug is too tight.

Use a Professional

After trying all the steps above and nothing has worked, don’t hesitate to seek professional help.

Particularly, if you are going to a professional it can be very costly. So just update them about all your efforts that didn’t work. Then the mechanic can help you to solve the problem.

how to remove stripped oil drain plug

The Best Oil Drain Plug Removal Tool:

Are you looking for the best oil drain plug removal tool? Well for you we are coming up with some best oil drain plug removal tools. Usually, it’s very difficult to find the best one because there are many things to consider.

All people haven’t the same preferences and requirements. However, from this guidance, you can find the best one for you. So, let’s dig deep to know which one is best for you.

  • Strong Magnetic Oil Drain Plug Remover Tool Wrench

The magnetic oil plug remover tool has a flexible shaft to reach remote drain plugs. The ends on the magnet tip catch the drain plugs to unscrew it, which avoids hot oil on itself. Most importantly, it can remove your oil drain plug bolts safely and quickly.

Just loosen the plug with your wrench then attach the strong magnet to your drain plug. Turn the tool for removing the plug and you can change the oil easily without using gloves. Usually, it keeps your hands clean from the oil stream. So, you can use it easily and perfectly.

  • CMTOOL Oil Drain Plug Removal Tool

CMTOOL oil drain plug removal tool is a very practical professional tool, compatible with most oil drainers. Simply loosen the plug she a wrench and turn this tool to remove the plug. It’s very easy to use it.

Remarkably, it’s very flexible so it can flexibly contact the remote drain plug. For that reason, your oil drain screw can be removed hygienically and quickly.

Yet, this oil drain plug tool won’t let your hands get hot oil. Due to its high-quality stainless steel element, you can get waterproof performance. So, you can’t ignore its amazing features. That’s why just go and take it for you.

  • Aramox Magnetic Sump Plug Removal Tool

If you are looking for your car’s best oil drain removal plug tool, this Aromex Magnetic will be the best choice. This oil drain plug also comes from high-quality stainless steel material so it provides better water-proof and durability.

The premium solid steel rod provides you an easy and convenient use. Nevertheless, take it and remove the drain plug with the remover. In a safe condition, you can end the entire process.

Aramox brands are professional sellers so if you face any problems you can contact them. They provide the best dealership over tightened oil drain plugs which gives you a 100% guarantee.

How to Remove a Stripped Oil Drain Plug?

To remove a stripped oil drain plug, you need to use a stripped oil drain plug removal tool. Turn the pliers counterclockwise and use a hammer if you need more force. Once it is loose enough, you should be able to open it.

Here we have described some more important steps on how to remove a stripped oil drain plug:

Get a New Drain Plug

Before you begin, it’s always best to make sure you have the tools you need to complete the tasks. One item you should have on hand is a new drain plug.

When you remove the stripped plug, you need to put the new one in its place. Otherwise, you need to open the hole, when you want to get the plug.

Use Vice Grip Pliers

You grip the rounded-off drain plug, you can use one set of vice grip pliers. The round-jaw types of pliers can be the best choice.

If you choose the flat jaw type, you may have trouble locking the bolt around. Without locking into it, you can’t move it.

After putting the drain plug in, turn the pliers counterclockwise. You can lose the plug a bit. If you can’t move it, hit the vice grips gently with a hammer. With patience, you can get it to bend.

If the plug is cross-threaded, you may have to put in more effort. Vice grips can cause more problems by further tearing the head. In this case, you can use the socket instead.

Unscrew It

You don’t want to try to remove the plug until it’s loose. If your drain plug won’t unscrew you can use a hammer. Some people use a flathead screwdriver, but that’s not a good idea.

Screwdrivers can easily damage your oil pan, which is beyond repair. If you damage the oil pan, you could be looking at a more expensive repair.

About Of Jiffy Lube Over Tightened Oil Drain Plug

Accordingly, if you care about quality service for your car, don’t go to Jiffy Lube. The Jiffy lube overtightened oil drain plug provides a poor job. After we stripped the drain bolt we were very frustrated but we found the Jiffy Lube. We get this lube and change my oil with it.

After using this Jiffy lube we are disappointed. So, Jiffy Lube over a tightened oil drain plug isn’t best to remove your drain plug. So don’t choose it and use it further. Don’t waste your money or time on going to take it.

Oil Drain Plug Rounded Off?

The drain plug has a rubber-sealing washer. This washer has to be replaced about every 3rd or 4th oil change. Then 15-20 ft-lb should hold the plug in place.

Hold a watch with the broom next to the plug. Check which path is counter-clockwise. Press a vice grip on the bolt. Strike the handle of the vice grip counterclockwise with a hammer. A severely tightened drain bolt can be nearly impossible to remove.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q. How to change the oil without removing the drain plug?

The LiquiVac oil change system is typically an oil vacuum. With this system, you can change your oil without removing the oil plug. Just pump your hand pump 40 times and insert a tiny hose into the oil stick shaft.

Remove the oil with little mess and without getting under your car. If the oil filter is accessible from your engine bay, make sure you can go to your oil filter before purchasing. According to the carmaker, this pump can remove oil from an average truck or vehicle in about eight minutes.

Though it’s a good solution, it’s not mess-free as you see. Typically, when you remove the oil filter then it holds a lot of oil. Still, you need to slide a pan or some newspaper under your car. Likewise, you need a small pan to dump the oil which comes out from the filter.

Q. What happens if you over-tighten the oil drain plug?

Unfortunately, you can also damage your oil plug by overtightening. Nonetheless, if you overtighten the drain plug, you may tear the threads. And while it’s hard to do, you will damage the rubber gasket on top of the oil filter if you over-tighten it.

Q. how to loosen oil pan bolt?

To loosen the oil pan bolt you need to spray penetrating oil on the oil bolt and let it sit for a few hours. Then take a small hammer and tap it counterclockwise to make sure you loosen the bolt or plug.

Final Word:

In short, you can remove an overtightened oil plug in many available ways. This includes using the right tool, such as an oil plug wrench, pipe clamp, or even screwdriver. When these methods don’t work for you, make minor modifications to the skull lid and base of your plug.

Over time, this will either loosen the plug or break it in half. Overall, from this article, we hope you get a solution about how to remove an over-tightened oil plug. Finally, if you want you can use any one of these for success.


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