Everything You Should Know About Food-Grade Mineral Oil

Food-grade mineral oil is an essential part of people’s daily lives worldwide. When discussing kitchen oils, most people say only corn, sesame, canola, and olive oil. But, people don’t think about white mineral oil.

Unfortunately, food-grade mineral oil has many uses in the kitchen. Also, white mineral oil contains excellent coating properties. Besides this, food-grade oil is commonly used in many products like cosmetics, anti-rust, skin care products, and laxatives.

Most people don’t know whether this oil is good for the food industry and is safe to consume. It may cause potential health risks, but people don’t know about it. However, we will discuss food-grade mineral oil intensely. So, please read on.

What Is Food Grade Mineral Oil?

Food-grade mineral oil, also known as liquid paraffin or white mineral oil. This oil is odorless, flavorless, colorless, highly refined, and suitable for human consumption.

Approved by the Drug Administration and US Food for food additives, personal care, and cosmetics. Additionally, this oil is used as an anti-foaming and glazing agent for processing food.

Mainly since this is a non-drying oil, so it won’t harden over time if exposed to air. Unlike vegetable oil, this oil provides the best services. So, if you can store it properly, it will last a long.

The mineral oil application is regulated in the food industry to limit its use to specific food processing. Please don’t add this oil to the ground surface of watermelon seeds to give them a shiny appearance.

Mineral Oil vs. Food Grade Mineral Oil

Uses of Food Grade Mineral Oil:

On a variety of surfaces, too can use this food-grade mineral oil.

  • Counters and sinks

By using food-grade mineral oil, you can make a rich patina. Furthermore, you can increase the beauty of countertops and soapstone sinks with food-grade mineral oil. Mainly, this oil can help darken the granite countertops.

Unlike other oils, such as linseed or citrus, it will discolor the granite. Mineral oil is one of the best products that use counters. Yet, you can use this oil to seal and renew the slate and marble.

  • Metal

Cast iron always receives food-grade mineral oil treatment. Most importantly, this food-grade mineral oil can lubricate metal parts. This oil is essential to provide a rust-resistant coating on metal knife handles and blades.

  • Wood

Soap, High temperatures, and water destroy the wooden surfaces because they start to dull, warp, and wear. Food-grade mineral oil enters the wood to protect it from water damage and cracking and prevent drying. Typically, it can hydrate the wood and not smell.

That’s why you can use it for most kitchen applications. Due to the treated chatting board, sap or blood can’t seep into the wood. You can undoubtedly use this tool to restore bamboo and wooden cutting boards, servers, rolling pins, and more.

  • Humans

Adequately, the most crucial matter of using food-grade mineral oil is the human body: hair and skin. This oil is famous for use on the body because it is ultra-soft and moisturizing.

Since this is very soft, that’s why all baby oils are mineral oil. Hence, it can reduce the frizz problem of your hair. Ultimately, you can swallow a small amount to act as a laxative.

  • Remover

Use this food-grade mineral oil to remove oil paint or latex from stickers on surfaces or leather. Without any pain, remove your oil-based makeup with this mineral oil. Some users use this oil to remove the adhesive. Let it sit for half an hour and scrape it.

Mineral Oil vs. Food Grade Mineral Oil

Unrefined oil is industrial-grade mineral oil and is not for use in the pharmaceutical and food industry. The reason is that it has different toxic additives that could be better for use. To use mineral oil in the food industry, you should refine and purify it. After refining this mineral oil, the harmful additives will be removed and suitable for human consumption.

In contrast, food-grade mineral oil is non-toxic, safe at room temperature, and does not spoil. Likewise, you can use food-grade mineral oil in many industrial, pharmaceutical, and personal care. The main job is this oil is it lubricates, smoothes, restore moisture, soften, and protect surfaces. Undoubtedly, it’s suitable to use in the kitchen and on your body.

Prices Of Food Grade Mineral Oil

In small 8 to 16 ounce bottles, food-grade mineral oil costs about $1 per ounce. But if you need too much, such as a 32-ounce jug, you’ll pay about $0.45 per ounce. Since mineral oil doesn’t go wrong if stored properly, you can stock it if you use it often.

Best Food Grade Mineral Oil

Food-grade mineral oil is a product that has many benefits and uses. For example, you can use this oil in seasoning iron, wood cookware, to skin and hair. Usually, this protectant will not spoil if left at room temperature.

Nevertheless, there are many food-grade mineral oils in the market. But Thirteen Chef Food-Grade Mineral Oil is one of the best food-grade mineral oil we have ever seen. Generally, its 64-ounce bottle is enough to give the best service to your steel cookware and wood. Moreover, it can refresh all your countertops again and again.

Best Food Grade Mineral Oil For Cutting Boards:

Accordingly, for any kitchen, wood-cutting boards are a fantastic addition. Many people love to use them because they look fabulous and last a long time.

Wood is the best element for many knives because it will be gentle on your knives. Let’s come to the point; we will share some top picks here. Ergo, have a look:

  1. Howard Products Cutting Board Oil
  2. The Bearded Chef Wood Butter
  3. Sanco Premium Food-Grade Mineral Oil Spray
  4. Organicook Food Grade Mineral Oil
  5. Thirteen Chefs Chopping Board Oil

Where to buy Food Grade Mineral Oil?

Food Safe Lubes supplies WO White Mineral Oil – 15,68 and Food Safe 3H White Oil Spray. Both of these oils are NSF H1, and 3H approved, i.e., In case of contamination, it is not present in the foodstuff in the question above 10 mg/kg. It does not cause any physiological hazard or affect the smell and taste of the food.

The Food Safe WO White Mineral Oil – 15,68 is Kosher and Halal certified. For direct food contact, they also meet the requirements of CFR 172.878 and CFR 178.3620A.

Therefore, you can find Food grade mineral oil at Walmart, Target, or any pharmaceutical section of drug houses.

Final Word

On the other hand, No report has been found that food-grade mineral oil is unsafe for human consumption. Low-grade mineral oils contain toxic, food-grade mineral oils that are safe for the food industry. Overall, you can only find some potential information on side effects.

That means you can safely use and consume this oil in moderation with food. Don’t use this oil as an alternative for cooking oils like vegetables and olives. At last, we hope you got the correct food-grade mineral oil information. To know more information, you can contact us. Thank you.



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