How Does the 2018 Honda CRV Oil Reset? Easy Procedures

The fifth-generation CRV was officially released in Detroit for the first time in October 2016. With the 2017 model, this car began sales in the North American market in December. So, did you get a maintenance warning and need a 2018 Honda CRV oil reset? Actually, you must reset your Honda CRV 2018 after every oil change.

The system can accurately track your next oil change if you reset it. However, you can easily reset the Honda CRV oil yourself. The resetting procedure will vary depending on the year and model of your vehicle. Let’s discuss the process and more information below.

2018 honda crv oil reset

How Does the 2018 Honda CRV Oil Life Reset?

Procedure 1.

To do a Honda CRV oil reset, you need only 3 minutes. Hence, follow the easy steps to reset the 2018 Honda CRV oil life after each oil change.

  • Don’t start the engine. Just press the power button twice without holding the brake.
  • Now go to the menu and press the information button on the steering wheel. And now, scroll until we get to the wrench.
  • Also, just press the ‘ENTER’ button. Next, to select the menu, you should press the enter button. After doing it, you can see the oil life that it shows.
  • Again, press and hold this ‘ENTER’ button. When you are at the oil life screen, hold down the ‘ENTER’ button to come into the reset mode.
  • To reset your oil life, now choose your maintenance item. You can see the different items. And you can select particular items that you want to reset only the service part or all services.
  • Similarly, you can repeat this procedure if you want to reset other items.
  • And you are Done!

Without this technique, if you want, you can reset the oil life of the Honda CRV 2018 with other procedures. Have a look:

Procedure 2.

Resetting Oil Life With the Infotainment Display

In addition to utilizing the above procedure to reset the oil life, you can access the menu on the infotainment display. Let’s know the process:

  • On your navigation display, Press the Home button.
  • Go to settings.
  • Once it will be shown, it will provide you with different options.
  • Search the maintenance information; it isn’t straightforward if you don’t see it here. It goes to the one-click-down maintenance information.
  • Hit on Select Reset item.
  • Choose the maintenance item that you are going to reset.
  • At last, tap the Reset option to fulfill a maintenance reset job.
  • Finally, press the ‘home’ button to return to the menu.

Please note that this oil reset procedure is for the Honda CR V’s fifth generation (2017 to 2022 model years). For older models, please keep reading.

2016 Honda CRV Oil Life Reset

You need to first reset the oil light on a Honda CRV from 2016.

  • If your car has a stop/ start button, you should press the start button twice to begin the ignition.
  • Please don’t start the engine; locate the menu button on the steering wheel left cluster and press it.
  • Utilize the + button on the steering wheel to search for automobile info. Press the source button to choose that menu.
  • Scroll down to search maintenance information and tap on Source.
  • If you see oil life on the display, tap on Source again. After doing it, the reset mode will start.
  • Just verify it on display, and when you can see the message on display, choose yes to confirm. Then, you should press the Source to reset the selected item.
  • Now, you need to turn the ignition off. At last, start your car to ensure the reset is saved and the light is off.

2018 Honda CRV TPMS Reset

In the US, TPMS is a necessary one for all vehicles. Over a decade, Honda Company has installed this system in all their trims. Additionally, when you need to inflate the tire, this system will help you to know that. Unfortunately, if your 2018 Honda CRV TPMS system isn’t performing well, you should reset it. Let’s see the procedure for TPMS reset below:

  • Before the reset process of TPMS, please note the following:
  • Generally, you need to stop your car with the transmission in Park.
  • Make sure your vehicle’s four tire sizes are the same type and you should set them to the recommended cold inflation pressure.
  • It would help if you turned on the car’s ignition.

Nevertheless, follow the steps to reset your Honda CRV 2018 tire pressure system.

  • Use the arrow buttons to choose the car’s setting.
  • On the reset button, just press the selection. It will help you to get the TPM calibration.
  • It would help if you pressed the Select Reset button again. It will help you get the setup screen, where you can select calibrated and cancel.
  • Moreover, choose the Calibrate by using the arrow buttons.
  • Eventually, press the Select Reset button again, and you can see a calibration start message.

After 20 mins of driving, this process will be complete.

2018 Honda CRV Oil Type and Capacity

The 2018 Honda CR-V comes with a standard or turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. To get proper performance, you need to use the correct oil type. As you need to put the correct type of oil, you should use the proper amount on your vehicle. The oil capacity in your CRVs is 3.7 quarts, which fits your 1.5-liter engine capacity.

On the contrary, if your CRV engine capacity is 2.4 liters, you must use 4.7 quarts of oil. Nonetheless, Honda recommends you use SAE 0W20 Honda Genuine motor oil regardless of motor size. In particular, this oil is a synthetic blend of motor oil.

Unluckily, if you don’t find this specific brand, you can use any reputed brand of 0w20 conventional and synthetic oil. Avoid using traditional oil since your CRV engine only uses synthetic oil to deliver ultimate efficiency. Though you need to spend more money to change your CRV oil, you can save money from repairs.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. How do you reset Honda oil life to 100%?

  • To reset the oil life to 100%, use the buttons on the left-hand side of the steering wheel.
  • The first thing you need to do is press the home button and then look to the left side of the dash. The reason is that it allows you to bring up the screen.
  • Now you must use the button next to it, like a rollerball. Use it and scroll down until you get to the maintenance screen.
  • When you’re on this screen and press that button, it will show you the oil life percentage.
  • So if you’re on this screen where you can show the percentage, press the button and hold it. Continue to keep this for 5 to 10 seconds.
  • If you pop up the screen, you can quit it. While on this screen, use this button again, scroll down, and then press that button. After all, in this way, you can reset your oil life 100% completely.

Q. How do I reset my Honda CRV service code?

To reset the Honda CRV Service code, you need to do the following:

  • Use the information displayed inside your car. Now press the ‘Start’ button. You press it again, and the vehicle does not start.
  • Hit the info button. Only it took you one shot until you go to oil life.
  • Right now, you are on the oil life, and you can see this car is now at 30%. The B, 1, and 3 is the service code.
  • All services are completed, and go ahead and reset it. Once you reset the service code, hold the “enter” button for ten seconds.
  • Then it pops up and defaults to cancel it. Use the “arrows” and scroll down. Typically, select “All Items Due.”
  • Or, if you want, you can choose individual items. In this case, like that “only B, “only 1, and “only 2. Keep scrolling now and hitting down.
  • You can scroll through all the items until you “cancel” again.
  • In this case, you should select “All Items Due” because they are all done.
  • And now, hold the “Enter” button. And the reset is complete.
  • Oil life is back to 100%. Hold down the “enter” button for a second. Done.

Final Word

On the other hand, you need to perform the 2018 Honda CRV Oil reset after every oil change. Ultimately, If you don’t reset it, this system won’t be able to track your next oil change. As part of the maintenance service, Honda dealers can automatically reset your maintenance minder system.

But if you change your oil and want to reset the oil life, you must follow some steps. We have discussed the solution of how to reset your Honda CRV oil life perfectly. After teasing this article, we hope you can do this job without any hesitation.

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