Do You Need A Jack For Oil Change? Everything You Should Know

Do you need a jack for an oil change? You may search for its answer. Actually, some people think that raising the car is not essential to change the oil. But if you can change your oil without raising your vehicle, it’s good. However, if you can’t fit under your vehicle, you should need a car jack to raise it.

It’s because, with this jack, you can raise your vehicle to get access. Therefore, you must raise the stands and ensure they won’t leave the place. You don’t want a stand to leave its position and a car to fall on you. That’s why you need to use a car jack to hold the vehicle in its place. Let’s know in detail whether you need an oil change hack.

Do You Need a Jack For Oil Change?

So, Do You Need a Jack For Oil Change?

Jack stands convenient for supporting the load while you change the oil. It would help if you went under your vehicle to access the oil reservoir. Usually, if you have a car inspection pit, you don’t need to lift the car. You can find this inspection pit in an automotive workshop. You can change your oil without lifting it.

Unfortunately, you should raise your car if you need to change the oil and don’t have a trench. To increase the car, you should install some jack stands for oil changes under your vehicle. It’s because they hold your truck after being lifted by a jack.

Also, with jack stands, you can raise the car to your appropriate level, giving you enough room to work. A jack makes it more accessible if you can fit it. Otherwise, you will want to use the alternatives like ramps.

Some car owners use ramps if their work surface is not smooth. And chances are the stands could sink into the ground. At this time, you don’t want to go under the car. Basically, it’s best to put something flat under the stand to keep them stable.

Best Car Jack for Oil Change:

You can find the two main types of jacks. There are floor jacks and scissor jacks. Though Floor jacks are more costly than scissor jacks, they are more reliable and straightforward to use. If you plan to change your own oil regularly, a floor jack will be best for you.

In contrast, scissors jacks are more reasonable than floor jacks. But they are not more solid and difficult to use. Moreover, a scissor jack is sufficient if you want to change your oil occasionally. When choosing a jack, consider its weight capacity and lifting range. Similarly, make sure that it’s compatible with your car. Let’s learn about some best car jacks for oil changes:

  1. Powerbuilt 620471 3 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack
  2. Torin T90413 4 Ton Bottle Hydraulic Jack
  3. JEGS Professional Low-Profile 3-Ton Aluminum Floor Jack
  4. Pro-LifT ‎F-2315PE Grey Hydraulic Trolley Jack
  5. NthPOWER 5 Ton Electric Car Jack

How to Choose a Car Ramp for Oil Change?

A car ramp is essential for those who want to change their oil. This allows you to raise your vehicle to access the oil drain plug and filter quickly. You can find adjustable ramps. Because of it, you can choose the height that you need.

When selecting a vehicle ramp, be sure to choose one that is for the weight of your vehicle. Most ramps come with weight limits listed. Before choosing the ramp, remember to consider your vehicle’s height. The reason is that too long and too short a ramp will be dangerous for your car. Generally, if you are still determining the size you need, ask your local auto parts store technician.

Once you have a ramp, drive your car until the tires rest on the platform. Then turn on the parking brake and place the block behind the rear tire. Now you are ready to begin changing your oil!

Diy Oil Change Ramps

How To Jack Up Car To Change The Oil?

You need to jack up your vehicle before changing your oil. Following the steps can help you ensure you can do it effectively and safely.

Step 1: Discover Jack Point

To raise your car, you must find jack points on every side. In most cases, you can find the points behind the front wheel and in front of the rear wheel. Look for the “jack” labeled on the undercarriage when you can’t find the spot.

Step 2: Position the Jack

Once you have successfully located the points, place your jack under them. It doesn’t have to be perfectly straight, as you can move it until it touches the car.

Step 3: Lift the Jack

To do this correctly, you need to know the type of jack you have. Hydraulic types jacks are generally easier to use than scissors because you can raise them quickly with one hand.

Use a hydraulic jack, if possible, because it is specifically designed for this purpose. Besides this, they can offer extra stability when jacking a car.

Step 4: Lift the Vehicle

Frequently, if the jack contacts your car’s bottom, raising the car will be more difficult. Well, you need to pull the jack-up until the corner of your vehicle is off the ground. Pull hard until you have enough space to finish your task.

Step 5: Use Jack Stands or Ramps

Use jack stands if you need to put any body part under the car. Without it, if you want, you can use ramps. They are better for supporting your car’s weight. Furthermore, they’re more comprehensive and provide more stability. But working under the car without a jack stand is dangerous.

Diy Oil Change Ramps:

You can quickly finish your work using ramps for your daily oil changes. Using ramps during oil change is much safer if you don’t go over the ramp. But once you are there, it is safe for you. There are not any interference issues. Especially, if you need to remove a wheel, use jacks and stands.

Can You Change The Oil Without Jacking Car Up?

The simple answer is yes. But changing the oil without jacking the car up will be difficult. Nevertheless, let’s know the proper solution. Do you need to change the oil but don’t have a jack? Generally, you can change the oil without a jack or ramp if you have a sloping driveway. To do that, you should park your car to drain your oil quickly.

You don’t need to turn heavy screws to reach the preferred height. But we suggested using the right equipment during an oil change. Therefore, you can change your oil without jacking up when it’s impossible.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q. How Many Jack Stands Do I Need to Change Oil?

Accordingly, if you plan to change your oil, you must know how many jack stands to use. The general rule is that you will need two jack stands for each wheel that is off the ground. So, if you change the oil on one wheel, you will need two jack stands. In contrast, if you need to use four wheels, you must use eight jack stands to change the oil. Basically, it’s a general rule.

You’ll need eight jack stands if you change the oil on four wheels. Subsequently, this is just a general rule. You may need more or less jack stands depending on your particular automobile and situation.

Q. Can you change the oil with one jack?

Yes, you can change the oil with a jack, but it’s unsafe. Changing the oil is possible with the front of the car lifted. Typically, you should check the place where the oil drains. When the front is raised, you may or may not finish draining the oil. If it happens, you should wait until the drain is complete before lowering the vehicle to drain your oil.

Q. Can I use a scissor jack for an oil change?

Yes, to change your car oil, you can use a scissor. Although you can use it, it’s best to use a tool designed for this type of job. Scissor jacks are not for oil changes, and there is a risk of damaging your car. Especially when you are underneath it and changing the oil. Thus, if you do this, you can find various models of scissor jacks that will help you.

Final Word:

On the other hand, do you need a jack for oil change? In summary, you may not need a jack stand if you can fit under your car. Some cars come with enough space to do this. Nonetheless, if you use a jack, it makes it much easier to do the job.

And if you’re a fat guy, jacking is a must if you want enough space under your car. Ultimately, ensure your vehicle is sufficiently secured before going down on your car. The reason is that people don’t want the car to fall on them. Finally, we hope you get your answer now correctly. Thanks for staying with us. Be safe.

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