What Is PS 386 Transmission Oil?

PS 386 transmission oil is a synthetic lubricant designed for extended fuel efficiency and harsh service in heavy-duty transmissions. So, you can use this oil where you need non-EP transmission lubricant.

Besides, this oil is also designed to protect high torque transmissions with improved horsepower engines. Specifically, it’s approved for use in Eaton and Eaton Cummins and manual transmissions. However, let’s learn more about this PS 386 transmission lubricant.

PS 386 Transmission Oil

PS 386 Transmission Oil:

PS 386 synthetic lubricant improves fuel economy by up to 1.5% and maintains outstanding shear strength. Also, it provides higher performance and increased drain capacity to the transmission. Yet, its terrific heat and oxidation stability prevents caking and sludge formation.

The improved additive system delivers outstanding safety against foaming, corrosion, rust, and wear. Its HVI or high viscosity index synthetic properties also allow exceptional high-temperature performance. The disunity retention, abrasion resistance, and extraordinary shear stability ensure superb transmission operation. The sump is formulated to reduce operating temperatures.

What Weight Is Eaton PS 386?

Eaton PS 386 oil specially offers optimum performance in your Eaton automated transmission. If you use this oil, it meets your OEM factory fill specifications. Eaton PS 386 part number is 5564543, with a 5 Gallon. Thus, Eaton’s transmission oil capacity is approximately 28 pints or 13.25 liters.

Nevertheless, Eaton PS-386 transmission oil is available in the following:


– Totes 1900 lbs.

– Drums 375 lbs.

– Keg 110 lbs.

– Pails 33 lbs.

– Gallon case (4 x 1-gallon container) 28.68 lbs.

Eaton PS 386 Transmission Oil Specifications

Product SnapshotStandardTest Method
Viscosity cST °C (40° C)14.8 (95.1)ASTM D-445
Viscosity cP -40° C:51,900ASTM D-2983
Viscosity Index163ASTM D-2270
Pour Point,  °C (°F)-42 (-44)ASTM D- 97
Fire Point,  °C (°F)276 (528)ASTM D-92
Flash Point,  °C (°F)238 (460)ASTM D-92


Flash Point Of Motor Oil

Viscosity Index Improvers?

Eaton Transmission fluid Types:

Eaton takes Roadgear SAE 50 synthetic transmission oil, specially formulated for Eaton transmissions. Furthermore, this product can extend drain and extreme service. You need this property to protect high-torque automated and manual mechanical transmissions.

Notability, this synthetic transmission lubricant fulfills all of the performance requirements that you need. Yet, this Eaton transmission takes FE 75w90, synthetic lubricant API GL-5 extreme pressure lubricant. Generally, it provides a long life and a better operating economy.

In fact, it comes with improved fuel economy, which is best for mid, heavy, and light-duty applications. Using synthetic base stock, it is made and comes with a high viscosity index and low pour point.

PS 386 Transmission Fluid Napa:

PS 386 Napa synthetic transmission fluid SAE 50 is selectively formulated for heavy-duty manual transmissions. It performs best in extreme service applications like temperature extremes, extended drain intervals, critical units, etc.

And it’s approved against Eaton PS-164 Revision 7. Additionally, the advantages of these oils are longer seal life, improved seal compatibility, and high-temperature properties.

Likewise, it’s extended thermal strength and decreased element deposition. However, its reduced element wear and deposits provide longer service life. If you use this oil in your transmission in cold weather, you can get better lubrication.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q. What is PS-386 oil?

PS 386 oil is a synthetic transmission oil with fuel efficiency and improved drain intervals. And it provides the best service for heavy-duty commercial car transmission, which needs non-EP transmission oil.

Q. What is the transmission fluid equivalent to the PS-386?

You can find many equivalent PS 386 transmission fluids when you need them. But you can use a comparable product if you have an emergency and have no option. Among them, you can use as a PS 386 transmission fluid is:

1.Mobil Delvac transmission fluid 40

2.Valvoline™ SYN GARD™ Transmission Fluid E-386

3. Shell Spirax 40 Synthetic transmission fluid

Q. What weight is PS-386?

The weight of PS 386 is 28.68 lbs or (4×1 gallon of container)

Final Thought:

On the other hand, PS 386 transmission oil also provides extended oil drain intervals, 12.5 times longer than mineral oil. Because of proven material durability, it comes with less downtime. In some applications, the oil drain intervals extend to 75,000 miles.

Still, its advanced shear strength provides more extended bearing and gear life. Due to oxidation resistance properties, you can get no sludging and less staining. Eventually, you can get up to 1.5% enhanced fuel economy from this lubricant over the previous.

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