Pag 46 Oil For Air Compressor System

Polyalkylene Glycol or Pag oil is a fully synthetic oil designed especially for automotive air conditioning compressors. You can use this oil to lubricate compressors in R-134a air conditioning systems. When talking about Pag oil, you can notice different numbers like Pag 46 oil, Pag 100 oil, and Pag 150.

These numbers refer to direct oil viscosity, such as 10W30 motor oil indicates winter conditions by 10W and viscosity 30. To determine your vehicle’s correct PAG viscosity, you must check your vehicle’s make and model specifications online. Similarly, you can also check your vehicle’s owner’s manual to know which oil viscosity is best for your car. Please read this article attentively to learn the correct information about Pag 46 oil.

What Is Pag 46 Oil?

Designed for air-conditioners filled with R134a. Additionally, Pag 46 oil is used to seal, lubricate, and cool the rotating and sliding partials in the refrigerant circuit. Follow the car or compressor manufacturer’s instructions.

Highly compatible and miscible with fluorescent, fully synthetic air conditioning system oil based on polyethylene glycol. This page 46 oil isn’t suitable for refrigerant circuits filled with R1234yf refrigerant.

Also, this oil isn’t ideal for hybrid and electric automobiles with electrically driven compressors. It meets the requirements established by existing AC compressor manufacturers.

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Application Of Pag 46 Oil:

To wet the seals during assembly, use this oil with a brush to ensure the system is well sealed. It is poured into special filling cylinders to replace refrigerant oil in passenger or commercial car air conditioning systems.

And then add to the refrigerant circuit through the AC system filling device. If you can see a leak in the refrigerant circuit, you can check the car’s refrigerant lines using a UV lamp. UV light can render a yellow color in the PAG oil coming out of visible leaks. Typically, the Pag 46 oil color is fluorescent yellow.

what is pag 46 oil used for

After using this Pag 46 oil:

  1. Reseal the oil to prevent it from absorbing moisture from the air.
  2. Don’t mix this Pag oil with waste like transmission oil or others.
  3. Always collect this Pag oil separately.

What Is Pag 46 Oil Used For?

The fully synthetic PAG oil is used for lubricating, sealing, and cooling this system’s air conditioning compressor and cooling circuits.

Designed to meet the requirements of leading compressor components and cooling systems manufacturers. Moreover, you can use this oil in all air conditioning car systems, off-road, heavy-duty cars, and particular elements.

Alternatively, Never use this Pag oil in hybrid vehicles as they are electrically conductive. So you can use POE oils for hybrid cars because they are electrically non-conductive.

Using the wrong oil can short-circuit the current through the A/C compressor. If your manufacturer approves, you can use the PAO oil as a substitute for particular PAG oils. As a Pag 46 oil equivalent, you can use PAO oil as air compressor oil. It’s because this PAO oil provides a similar viscosity to a particular compressor.

Pag 46 Oil vs. Pag 100

Pag 46 Oil vs. Pag 100:

Polyalkylene Glycol oil is a synthetic oil used by OEMs in the R-134a systems. Generally, these oils are harsher than mineral oils. Even so, it can cause skin irritation and damage seals and O-rings.

PAG oils used by OEMs have different viscosities: PAG 46, which is the most famous; PAG 100, which is expected; and PAG 150, which is rarely used.

JFC delivers Pag oil in three viscosities and provides severe cold dye additives. Besides this, they provide Pag 46 oil with UV dye which has a variable viscosity.

You don’t know Pag 46 oil exceeds Pag 100, Pag 150, or other lubricants currently on the market. Subsequently, Pag 46 oil has lower waste than Pag 100 or 150 and lasts longer in your machine.

Notably, Pag oil comes with better anti-wear features. For that reason, it can protect your engine from wear-on sliding places. Nevertheless, if you are searching for the best lubricant, Pag 46 is better than Pag 100. But if you want automotive oil in your Refrigerator application, Pag100 is a better choice.

How To Add Pag 46 Oil To The AC Compressor?

If you can service your air compressor at a perfect time, your AC will be in top condition. But before adding the oil, you should drain the oil currently in this system. After that, to refill your air compressor with Pag 46 oil, you can follow the below steps.

Step 1:

First, you should remove the compressor from your car. You can find the four bolts that attach the air compressor to the vehicle. Now unscrew them, and disconnect the pipes, wires, and belts to free this compressor.

Step 2:

Clean the old oil. There is a valve on the back of this air compressor. Open it to drain the old oil.

Step 3:

Pour the new oil. Check your manufacturer’s manual to understand how much oil your air compressor needs. Use a funnel to get the oil into the hole where you drained your old oil. Then replace the cap and tighten it.

Step 4:

Reconnect the compressor to your car. Reconnect all the tubes, wires, and connectors that you previously removed. Furthermore, it would help if you replaced the bolts.

Step 5:

Cycle the compressor belts to ensure a proper oil cycle.

Step 6:

With a reclaimed machine, recharge your AC unit. And just like that, there should be ice-cold AC again.

Basically, the Pag 46 oil injector thing is only used to fill comes out during compressor evacuation.

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On the other hand, selecting the proper oil for your air compressor can be difficult. The move toward more environmentally friendly refrigerants has led to different regulations for ac compressor oil.

That’s why we always recommend you use the right oil in your AC compressor to avoid system damage. Ultimately, you can use Pag 46 oil for your AC compressor. This oil provides maximum protection and excellent resistance to moisture Anti-Wear Agents. Overall, before using this Pag 46 oil in your Air conditioning systems, check your owner’s manual.

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