Is Harvest King Oil The Best Motor Oil? 2023 Review

Harvest king motor oil is the best synthetic oil for your car engine. Also, this motor oil works great to increase engine performance. Besides this, it can protect your engine under harsh operational conditions.
Although the King of Harvest oil has been around for decades, it’s unknown among most vehicle users. Even though it’s unknown, that doesn’t mean it’s not good. Most people need to learn who makes harvest king motor oil. If you are also interested in knowing all details about Harvest King oil, this guide will help you.

Harvest King Motor Oil

Who Owns Harvest King Motor Oil?

Harvest King motor oil is a brand owned by Rural King Supply. Besides, it’s an Illinois-based shop specializing in farm supplies that later expanded to 125 locations in the United States.
Rural King began as a small venture with two employees and owners, Keith Baird and Kermit Spear. First, they began with a small store, and a place size is 7,200/square feet. But now they have a corporate office which is 210,000 square feet!
Despite humble origins, with an online presence, Rural Raja has established itself as a leading farm supply shop. They sell several products, from clothes to tractors to motor oil. In 2015 their total sales were announced to be over one billion.

What Are The Best Harvest King Oils?

The best Harvest oil types should be 0W-20 and 5W-30. You find great reviews about them, and they also can prevent wear on your engine. 5W-30 is cheap oil but offers the same quality.
So you will find an excellent deal here. Also, 5W-20 is good. Remember that all Harvest King motor oil types are the best for your engine. Ergo, no kind will let you down.

What Types of Harvest King Oil are Available?

Costco is the current seller of Harvest King Oil. It produces three different grades of oil. However, these include SAE 5W30, 5W20, 0W20, and 10W30.
These grades are available online, and you will use them per your needs. Consult the car owner’s manual to choose the best lubricant for your engine.

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Why Should You Choose Harvest King Oil Over Others?

If you want to save money but want to maintain quality, then King Oil will be ideal. Kirkland motor oil also comes from the same private-label manufacturer.
Harvest King oil is much cheaper than other motor oil charges. For example, Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic 5W-30 Motor Oil and Harvest King 5W-30 Motor Oil will save about $10 per 5-quart pack.

Is Harvest King Oil the Best Motor Oil?

Dexos and API certification are two essential standards in determining motor oil quality. Dexos approval ensures the performance of the oil, while API certifies safety precautions and company quality. Mainly, the Good thing is that Harvest King Oil has both certifications.
Subsequently, it ensures a safe ride of four to thousand miles without an oil change. Hence, this fantastic synthetic oil comes at a low price. Even so, for many reasons, Harvest King motor oil is good. This oil is well-certified, performing well, and is a trusted brand.

Harvest King Oil Reviews:

Harvest King oils are high-detergent automotive motor oils that meet the challenging lubrication requirements of today’s and tomorrow’s motors. It is combined with API SN plus, which helps prevent wear and pre-ignition. Also, it offers fuel economy and improved cleanliness.
Synthetic base oils mix with an additive package to offer maximum protection against rust, oxidative thickening, corrosion, sludge, and varnish.

Specifications Of Harvest King Oils:

Physical TestsHarvest King Oil
Phosphorus, ppmASTM D5185
Viscosity @ 100ºC, cSt (ASTM D445)8.52
Viscosity @40ºC, cSt (ASTM D445)48.97
Viscosity Index (ASTM D2270151
Viscosity @-30ºC mPa s (cP) (ASTM D5293)5,502

Pros And Cons Of Harvest King Oil:

Here below, we give some pros and cons of Harvest King motor oil below:


● Reasonable price
● Prevents sludge and formation
● Offers the highest level of engine protection
● It also provides longer engine life


● Quality is not very good

Harvest King 15W40 Oil Review

Harvest King 15W40 Oil Review:

Harvest King 15W-40 diesel motor oil represents excellent engine safety and performance made to a new lubricant specification. It comes for diesel engine applications, like diesel particulate filters, and with EGR today’s emission-controlled engines.
Most importantly, this oil offers high wear protection, oil consumption control, and prevents viscosity loss. Moreover, for longer engine life, it provides high-temperature protection.


BrandsHarvest King
Manufacturer Number10006007
Automotive TypeMotor Oil
Fulfillment LocationPickup at Store

Pros And Cons Of Harvest King 15w40 Oil:


  • Improved wear protection
  • Prevents viscosity loss from shear
  • Control oil consumption and deposit
  • Excellent and economical quality


● Not suitable for recent car

Harvest King Hydraulic Oil:

Harvest King Hydraulic oil is a high-quality hydraulic fluid specially formulated lubricant containing anti-foam, anti-rust, and oxidation inhibitors.
Furthermore, other additives are required for a wide application range which many tractor manufacturers suggest. Thus, you can use this ” all-season ” product to resist thickening in winter and thinning in the summer heat.
Usually, it’s combined with detergent for cleaning the transmission and sustaining the hydraulic control circuit in suitable operating conditions. Yet, it offers excellent protection against pump and seal degradation.
Farmers will appreciate the versatile application of the tractor’s final drive and hydraulic systems. It’s better to check the owner’s manual to know about proper lubricant.

Specifications Of Harvest King Hydraulic oil:

● It can save your hydraulic systems from leaks, rust, and foam
● Enlarged your component life
● Tractor wet brakes
● Heat transfer and proper friction

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What Are The Substitutes Of Harvest King Motor Oil?

There are various synthetic oils available in the market that you will use as a substitute for Harvest King Oil. In addition, you can use Mobil 1 oil, Kirkland motor oil, Subaru oil, etc.
Notably, each oil comes with excellent quality and can perform better in your engine. Nevertheless, before using any oil, it’s best to check if this oil is compatible or not.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q. Who Makes Harvest King Oil?

According to their website, since 1951, Harvest King Oil has been on the market. But does it make the oil itself?
Harvest King motor oil also outsources its oil to a private label manufacturer, like Kirkland motor oil. Warren Oil Company manufactures Harvest King Oil.
The two private label manufacturers will delegate this responsibility to Citigo and Warren Distribution. You won’t find any official information. But from forum discussions, we knew that Warren Oil Company, and a division of Warren Distribution, are the sole manufacturers.

Q. What oil is better for a diesel generator?

Generally, diesel generators need “heavy-duty” oil. Nevertheless, this type of oil offers protection against wear in high-pressure, high-temperature environments like diesel engines.
15W-40 generator oil is best for RV diesel generators to ensure correct operation. Due to its 15W viscosity, it can replace standard 5W-40 oil in RV diesel generators at low temperatures.
In particular, you also can use fully synthetic oils that provide maximum protection and incredible fuel efficiency.

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Q. What oils does Warren oil company make?

Warren oil company makes many oils like heavy-duty engine oil, automotive additives, agricultural and industrial oils, greases, chemicals, etc.

Final Word

In summary, Harvest king Motor oil is an incredible oil manufactured by Warren distribution. In reality, they are actually good if we are talking about their efficiency and quality. Most importantly, you don’t need to feel any hassle purchasing them because you can get them anywhere.

But most Harvest king oil users need to learn more about their company. We hope you can get proper information about Harvest king motor oil from this article.


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