What Are The Best Additives To Stop Oil Burning? (Updated)

Engine oils enter your combustion chamber and can’t burn with fuel. When this happens, the phenomenon is called burning oil. Suddenly, if your engine consumes more oil than regular, it’s time to add the best additive to stop oil burning. They will significantly help to save your oil.

By adding oil additives to your motor oil, you will get many more benefits. To stop oil burning, selecting the best engine oil additives can be difficult. Even if drivers lack experience, the selection process will be more straightforward. Regardless, to find the best oil additive to clean the engine, we have furnished a list and given a review. Have a look.

Why Does a Car Burn Oil Faster?

Additives help to seal your engines’ unseen internal leaks that you can’t find out easily. An engine’s oil consumption can vary with fuel consumption and power output. Due to high pressure, your engine can consume more oil. But if your car uses additional oil in this same condition, it’s burning oil.

To stop burning oil, you should discover the causes behind the oil consumption. Also, it would help if you stopped oil burning because it impacts the air contamination and the engine system. However, Some common causes of oil burn are:

  • Inadequate piston ring and cylinder wear
  • Insufficient crankcase
  • Wear and leaking valve seals
  • Abnormal turbocharger wear

Oil Additives For Burning Oil – Good or Not?

Of course, oil additives provide considerable advantages to both new and old vehicle owners. Now, let’s see what benefits we get from oil additives.

  • Clean Dirt

The additive properties of recovery and lubrication remove sludge build-up and dirt in your engine.

  • Decreased Engine Friction

Oil additives aim to produce a layer between motor parts to decrease engine friction. Besides this, additives help to restore lubrication and remove rust in older engines.

  • Stop Smoking

Oil additives stop leaks and prevent engine oil from mixing with fuel. Thus, it controls oil loss and smoke.

  • Stabilize Motor Oil

Too thin oil can ruin your engine performance when it warms up. The reason is that, without an il layer, the moving parts can’t perform. So, when you use additives with your engine oil, it thickens the oil and can improve your performance.

  • For Compression

The thickening feature makes the worn scar layer thicker in the motor than the less ragged scar. Hence, it can help to maintain the engine’s internal design. So, the original designs help your motor perform more efficiently and increase the compression ratio.

  • For Oil Consumption

To prevent burning oil, additives offer flexible seals between defective cylinder walls and piston rings. Yet, it also helps to remove leakage, worn valves, and other poor points and decrease oil consumption.

In most cases, oil additives will not harm your car’s engine. Nevertheless, think these additives are only a partial solution to your car problems. It will be best to go to a specialist after facing any symptoms.

Types Of Oil Additives

Additives are chemical compounds added to oil to develop engine performance. Similarly, these additives can serve several purposes. However, let’s discuss their type below to know what kind of additives you should use:

  • Viscosity Improvers

Viscosity improvers perform their job to enhance oil’s ability to lubricate engine parts. Furthermore, it also can maintain oil viscosity even at high temperatures.

  • Anti-wear Agents

These types of additives work to decrease friction and wear on the engine metal parts.


They work as a helper to clean the engine. They can even remove hazardous deposits and sludge perfectly.

  • Seal Conditioner Additives

Seal conditioner additives help to rejuvenate and soften the engine seals to prevent leaks.

  • Anti-corrosion and Anti-rust Agents

These additive agents can protect your engine parts from corrosion and rust.

  • Dispersants

These additives can prevent sludge formation and suspend solid particles in the oil.

  • Friction Modifiers

They can improve fuel efficiency with lower friction between metal parts.

  • Pour Point Depression

Accordingly, if you want to lower the temperature during oil flow, you can use these additives. It’s because, during the winter season, it can help to flow the oil in moving parts properly. In fact, these types of additives can increase oil performance and oil change intervals.


Don’t add too many additives because they can harm your engine. So, before adding any additives, please consult with your mechanic.

Do Engine Oil Additives Stop Oil Burning?

Additives can perform various purposes, including increasing oils viscosity, reducing friction, cleaning engines, and preventing corrosion and rust. Not all additives can stop oil burning, but most have the ability. Remember that burning oil is a sign of a significant problem.

That means it is the cause of valve guides and worn piston rings. Burning oil indicates no oil in the engine and can leak your seals and gaskets. Though oil additives can help to lower oil consumption, they can’t stop it entirely.

It’s because oil consumption can be many other reasons. Adding an oil additive can reduce consumption temporarily, but it will not solve the underlying problem causing the problem. If the worn engine parts are the culprit of burning oil, repairing the parts is the only solution.

What Are the Best Engine Oil Additives To Stop Oil Burning?

Now, you may know the benefits of adding additives to an oil. All the additives for burning oil provide different benefits. However, in the following list, you can find some top additives that you can use on your diesel and gasoline engines.

1. Lucas 10001 Oil Stabilizer


  • 100% petroleum formula
  • Suitable for new engines
  • Multipurpose
  • Available in 1 quart and 1 gallon

Lucas oil stabilizer has been a well-known heavy-duty additive in the automotive industry for decades. Thus, it enhances oil lubricity, decreasing oil consumption and machine temperature. The oil additive for burning oil makes the oil thicker and stickier to stop leaks. That’s why it’s one of the best additives to help stop smoking.

When you use this additive on your old engine, you can notice an immediate difference. Whether you have maintained your car or not, you can get a smooth ride experience. In Particular, you can use this additive in any motor oil. On Amazon, you can buy this oil additive at an affordable $9.99 price.


  • Improves oil life
  • Controls heat and noise
  • Refined petroleum oil supplements
  • Eliminate dry start and decrease friction


  • Make the oil too thick for new engines

2. Archoil AR9100 Oil Additive


  • A favorite choice of many buyers
  • Suitable for engines up to 7 liters
  • 16 oz oil additive quantity available in pack
  • Comes in a standard container

From the Arcoil brand, this oil additive suits petrol and diesel engines. So, if you are looking for the best oil additive for diesel engines, you can pick this one. If you live in a cold environment and don’t drive a car regularly, it will work as a lifesaver. Since this additive contains zinc, it can prevent rust and corrosion.

It forms a lubricating film to improve performance. Moreover, it can protect your gearbox, engine, and hydraulic system efficiently. Usually, it removes the cold start difficulties with electronic unit injector misfires on the power stroke of the 6.0L and 7.3L engines. To buy this oil additive, you should spend $44.95 on Amazon.


  • Increases strength and response
  • Anti-corrosion and wear protection
  • Improves cold starts
  • Increases oil life


  • Pretty expensive

3. Liqui Moly 2037 Pro-Line Engine Flush


  • Very high viscosity
  • Remove blue smoke
  • Best for worn engines
  • Seals the gaps

Liqui Moly brand is a German brand that is well-known for cleaning your engine. This is the best oil additive to clean the machine because it comes with this cleaning ability. Likewise, it can clean your engine components deeply. After using this additive, run your vehicle for approximately 10 minutes to allow the engine to be clean.

An engine flush will eliminate any dirt and debris from the engine and restore it to get the best performance. As we know, burning oil can corrode and dirty our machines. So, these oil flush additives can slow the breakdown and seal the engine gaskets. Typically, Liqui Moly Oil Additive is available on Amazon for just $14.99.


  • Stop oil burning
  • Eliminate excessive oil use
  • High temperature protects oil viscosity
  • Suitable to use in diesel and gasoline engine


  • More cans are needed for big engine

4. Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment


  • Have 1-year warranty
  • meet OEM specifications
  • 100% pure petroleum
  • EPA registered product

The oldest and most premium fuel and oil additive on the market is seafoam. In particular, you can use this additive for multipurpose and best to clean the oil passages and fuel systems. If your car runs poorly because of moisture in your fuel system, this additive can fix this problem. Yet, this additive prevents gasoline from pooling in fuel lines in severe cold.

Once it enters the fuel system, the seafoam cleans the combustion chamber. Adequately, it also can carbonize the intake valve and lubricate the cylinder head. As an oil additive, it can remove this product and any risky pollutants from the engine. The price of a seafoam oil additive is $6.97 on Amazon.


  • Can use in different types of engine
  • Remove any junk
  • Prevents valve train noise
  • Removes oiling issues


  • Can engine oil will little bit dirty

5. Bar’s Leaks Engine Repair


  • It’s easy to use,
  • cost-effective,
  • Affordable
  • Excellent at high-temperature

Another famous product is Bar’s oil additive, which has two different purposes. You can find two sides of Bars leaks additive bottles; each has its own purpose. Actually, the first site indicates you can use it to improve car horsepower and compression.

In contrast, another side can improve and increase oil consumption by decreasing excessive noise and leakage. Bars are initially best for old cars because they consume more engine oil. Indeed, you can use this best oil additive for turbo engines. If you want this additive, you should buy it for $17.15 from Amazon.


  • Stop oil leaks and smoke
  • Seal off any internal leakage
  • Improve overall engine performance
  • Easy to use and her immediate results


The oil level doesn’t stay labeled

6. BG MOA Part Oil Supplement


  • Oil additive amounts are 11 oz available with each bottle
  • Comes in a basic canister
  • It comes in a pack of 3 bottles
  • Long-lasting performance

BG MOA Additive is another ideal option for a long shelf life. Subsequently, these additives provide long-lasting engine performance. One blended with oil increases oil pressure by making the compound thicker. For that reason, you can make the best engine performance under heavy loads.

Most automotive experts consider BG MOA a food supplement for your motor oil. Just like your food supplements, it helps restore missing supplements your vehicle needs to run smoothly. By using this type of oil additive, you can expand engine performance and get longer-lasting oil. If you want to purchase this oil additive, you can buy it on Amazon for $17.93


  • Decreases wear and tear
  • Safe for future applications
  • Extend oil change intervals
  • Expands engine oil life


  • The amount may be too high for some buyers

7. Tribo Tex Oil Additive


  • Wide range of adjustments
  • Comes in tube-type packaging
  • The nanoparticle formula provides the best results
  • This can reverse the wear on the bearings

In 2017, With a unique formula, this Tribo Tex additive was designed. Undoubtedly, this formula can eliminate your signs in the engine and revitalize the engine. By using this oil additive, you can see a notable improvement in your engine’s performance.

Notably, you will use it regularly when you change your oil. Nonetheless, you can use this oil additive for diesel and gasoline engines. The price of Tribo Tex oil additive is $97.97, which is available on Amazon. As you can see, price is the only drawback of this oil additive. Otherwise, this oil additive is excellent for stopping oil burning in your engines.


  • Increases engine efficiency
  • Made in the USA
  • Smart technology
  • Best for new and old engines


  • Pretty expensive

8. REV X Diesel Oil Additives


  • 4 oz oil additive quantity
  • Available in a small container
  • Able to lessen stiction
  • One bottle is enough for 6 quarts of oil bottle

The last oil additive from our list is REV X diesel oil additives. If you are looking for an oil additive for a diesel engine, you can choose this additive available on Amazon for $65.95.

Like gasoline engines, you also can notice aging signs over time. Once using this oil, you can restore your machine to its previous form. Mainly, To clean your diesel engine and fuel injector thoroughly, you can use this oil additive. Consequently, once you use it in your diesel engine, you will be surprised after seeing the changes in fuel economy and performance.


  • It can be used in many applications
  • Increased overall performance
  • Premium quality
  • Clean the fuel injectors


  • The quantity is very low for the price

Final Word

To conclude,  due to excessive and long-term uses of the vehicle, experiencing excessive oil consumption situation is common. Ultimately, to fix the problem, it’s not possible to buy a new car. This is the way you can use the best oil additive to stop burning oil.

In the market, there are many examples of oil additives. From them, choosing the best one can be difficult for some people. In addition, our purpose is to help you to choose the best oil additive to stop burning oil.


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