AMSOIL or Motorcraft, Which One Is Better?

Amsoil oil is designed for cold countries’ vehicle engines. Because this oil helps the engine run fast in cold weather and provides the vehicles faster experience. On the other hand, Motorcraft oil is a fully synthetic oil used for cars, bikes, and some other vehicles.

However, Amsoil Vs Motorcraft oils are two popular oils on the market. These two oils are used for different purposes. You should choose the perfect oil for your vehicle based on the engine condition, weather conditions, and some other factors.

AMSOIL or Motorcraft

Amsoil Vs Motorcraft

Though these two oils are well-known on the market and provide the best performance, you will still find some core differences between these oils.

Amsoil Oil

Amsoil is a type of full synthetic motor oil. It is not only motor oil but also a lubricant, ready to help the engine run cleaner. Even it fights viscosity breakdown 46% better than Mobil 1.

This oil is also increased high horsepower and provides maximum protection for your engine. The oil is worked for both old and new engines. Especially the oil is designed for modern engines. Moreover, Amsoil is ready to reduce extremely hot temperatures and avoid corrosion problems.

The Amsoil is suitable for multiple vehicles. For example, you will use this oil for your car engine, track, bike, and some other vehicles.

Amsoil produces a temperature of at least 10 degrees F above, and the lubricant pour of the engine is -20°F, which is safe to use. However, the standard storage temperature of Amsoil is 32°F (0°C) to 85°F (29°C).

Motorcraft Oil

Motorcraft is engine oil. Unlike Amsoil, it comes with premium quality and is capable of providing the best performance of your vehicle engine. It is also a full synthetic oil. The oil is specially designed for Ford vehicles.

The lubricant of Motorcraft reduces high-temperature and allows the engine to take enough load. You will easily apply this oil to your car, bike, track, and some other engines. But, you should avoid using this oil for marine engines because the oil is only designed for dry-condition engines.

The Motorcraft oil helps the engine to tolerate 230 and 260 degrees F temperatures. This temperature range is enough to protect the engine and helps the engine to run faster.

A Comparison Chart of Amsoil Vs Motorcraft

From this comparison chart, you will discover some core differences between Amsoil and Motorcraft oil. So, let’s break down the following table and clarify your concept about these oils.

Amsoil OilMotorcraft Oil
You will go 9000 miles to use Amsoil oilYou will go up to 5,000 miles using Motorcraft oil
The storage temperature range 32°F (0°C) to 85°F (29°C)The temperature range of motorcraft oil is 230 and 260 degrees F temperature
Comes with perfect oil consumptionYou will discover less oil consumption to use this oil

5W-20 Motorcraft Oil

5W-20 Motorcraft oil is a fully synthetic blend motor oil. This oil is manufactured with a high-viscosity index and performance additives.

This model of Motorcraft oil is ready to protect the engine from wear, high-temperature oxidation, turbocharger deposits, rust corrosion, and so on.

The manufacturer of this oil used friction-reducing technology, which provides superior protection from wear and energy-conserving.

Overall, the oil is designed for dry engines. You will apply this oil to both old and new engines without facing any errors.

Amsoil Vs Motorcraft Diesel Oil

Motorcraft Diesel oil is designed for Ford company engines. It is one of the best options for so many car owners. Because the oil is a high-quality, light, and heavy-duty diesel engine oil, it allows the car to take a heavy load and run fast.

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On the other hand, Amsoil oil is a fully synthetic oil. This oil is also premium and protects the engine from several things. For example, this oil protects the car or other vehicle’s engine from wear, tear, corrosion, and so on.

Both of these oils are maintained quality and provide premium performance. Their main goal is to protect the engines and run faster. Moreover, they also avoid corrosion from the engines.

Amsoil OE Vs Mobil 1

Amsoil OE oils are thinner than Mobil 1 oils. This oil is mostly known as a winter-grade oil. The oil is capable of helping the engine quickly start in the winter season.

On the other hand, Mobil 1 oil is suitable for the summer season. It is also known as a summer-grade oil. You will use this oil to reduce the extremely hot temperature of the engine.

In USA and Canada, as well as European countries, use Amsoil oil. Because most of the time they get cold weather, they need to use Amsoil OE oil to get a quick start.

Similarly, Mobil 1 is designed for summer countries. The oil is ready to protect the engines from wear and tear in hotter climates.

AMSOIL or Motorcraft

Motorcraft vs Mobil 1

Both oils are premium Synthetic motor oil & meet the requirement of API SN Plus. As Mobil 1 usually do better perform in summer countries so you will get more mileage by using Mobil 1 in summer weather than Motorcraft oil. But if you are in USA or Canada then, Motorcraft 5W20 Full Synthetic oil would be the best choice for your car.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Is AMSOIL OE better than Mobil 1?

Answer: These two oils are designed for two different purposes. For example, Amsoil OE is designed for cold weather areas. This oil allows the engine to take a quick start in extreme cold weather and easily works. On the other hand, Mobil 1 is another oil used in hot weather to protect the vehicle’s engine from wear and tear because of extremely hot weather.

Q: How many miles is AMSOIL OE good for?

Answer: The standard miles is Amsoil OE, good for 25000 miles. On the other hand, you will get 700 hours of operation in a year from this oil.

Q: Is AMSOIL OE 100 synthetic?

Answer: Amsoil OE is 100% synthetic motor oil. This oil comes full of synthetic ingredients. So, you will apply this oil to your old or new vehicle engines to get better performance.

Q: What’s so special about AMSOIL?

Answer: Amsoil is one of the best oils on the market. It is special because of wearing protection, engine cleanliness, and also provides lots of advantages. You may know that synthetic oil always comes with better performance, and Amsoil also comes with a full synthetic benefit.

Final Verdict!

Amsoil and Motorcraft oils are designed for different purposes. But their goals are the same. These oils protect the engine from harmful elements and make the engine faster as well as more durable. But you should use these oils at different times for your vehicles.

That’s why it would be better for you to compare these oils and make the right choice. Amsoil Vs Motorcraft provides you the individual comparison and a comparison chart to get a crystal clear idea about these two oils and finally choose the right oil.

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