Which Honda Civic Oil Type is Best for You?

The Honda Civic is one of the most popular cars on the planet. It’s a versatile car that can be used for various purposes, from commuting to weekend getaways. But what type of oil should you use in your Honda Civic?

Read on to learn more about the different types of Honda Civic oil and their corresponding requirements.

2021 honda civic oil type

Honda Civic Engine Oil Type :

While Honda uses and sells a synthetic mix, it fills most automobile engines with a fully synthetic 0W-20 oil. However, Honda also uses and sells a synthetic blend. Full synthetic oil operates more effectively within your vehicle’s engine since it has fewer contaminants. When comparing full synthetic oil to synthetic mix oil, however, you need to consider the price difference because full synthetic oil is significantly more expensive. You should definitely consider 0W-20 oil, regardless of whether you will purchase complete or blended oil. Other reputable brands may be purchased in addition to Honda’s engine oil.

Continue reading to find out what else you need to consider when selecting an oil for your Honda Civic now that you know 0W-20 is the best option. In this section, we will discuss the finest brands, the distinctions between synthetic mixes and totally synthetic oils, and, lastly, the intervals & how you should change the oil.

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Choosing the Brand & Grade for Honda civic:

In 2022, the Honda Civic celebrated its 50th year of production, making it one of the most popular automobile lines in history.

Civic’s affordability, practicality, and durability have remained consistent from the first generation to the current model. Changing the oil regularly and using the proper brand is the most crucial step in maintaining the Civic in good condition.

The most refined engine oil for your Honda Civic is Honda Genuine Full Synthetic Oil, made by Honda.

Oil brand selection is only half the battle; we must also choose the proper viscosity grade and chemical makeup for our needs. I’ll break down the guide into parts depending on model year, generation, and engine type to make finding what you’re looking for simpler.

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Selecting brand for Honda civic:

Is it possible that you know what kind of oil to pick out, but what brand name do you favor? When analyzing your options, you will essentially see that your choices are very comparable, regardless of any selection of brand names on the outside. You have many choices regarding the best-quality automotive engine oil, and you could be OK with any of the brands we trust. To name just a few, there are Castrol, Valvoline, Pennzoil, Amoz, and Mobil.

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Selecting grade for honda civic:

Considering changing the oil in your Honda Civic? Then you must know how to do so correctly. You can buy high-quality synthetic oil if you don’t want your car to break down. Synthetic oil has a lower viscosity, so it flows easily and keeps the engine running smoothly. This oil also extends the life of the engine. It is available in several brands, and you can trust its quality and service.

Honda has created several different types of oil for the Civic. The recommended oil type is 0W-20 for the base engine, while the 5W-40 oil is better for higher-performance vehicles or 4×4 off-roading. Honda Civics are available in 44 different trim levels, and the recommended oil for each is listed below. Once you have determined which type you need, you can choose a new one. You can also add more oil to your car if needed.

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The type of oil for your Honda Civic will depend on several factors, including its age, the type of engine, and the oil type. Most modern Honda Civics use synthetic oil, which means you’ll have to change the oil more often than older cars. Check the owner’s manual to determine how often to change the oil in your Honda Civic. You should also consult the manufacturer’s recommendations to prevent any damage.

Different oils have different viscosities, and it is vital to use the right one. Synthetic blends are usually better. Full synthetics are more expensive, but they improve your car’s performance. Honda recommends 0W-20 oil, but other brands offer good oils. You can check online if you don’t have a Honda dealership nearby. If you are having trouble finding the right oil type for your Honda, look for a trusted mechanic in your area. But before the overdue oil change symptoms, you need to change the oil.

Best Oil change Interval for honda civic

If you live in the USA, you should get your Honda Civic’s oil changed once every year or every 7500 miles, whichever occurs first. If you drive your vehicle under extreme circumstances, the manufacturer recommends changing the oil in your car every 3,000 miles. Have a conversation with your mechanic about the way you often drive. By working with a dealer local to the Monument, Falco, Castle Rock, or Colorado Springs region, you will have access to the most up-to-date information regarding the oil required in the state of Colorado. Call Groove Honda’s service department whenever it is convenient for you to do so, such as when it is time to arrange an oil change for your Honda Civic. We will be happy to work with you to find a convenient time to bring your vehicle in for maintenance.

Final Word:

Hope you have learned a lot about Honda civic oil type. Lastly, one thing should remember, what oil you are going to use for your honda civic, make sure that the oil is authentic & the oil change must be within the right interval.



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